2021 January — Portfolio Update

Bitcoin Value (2020/01/31)
  • I invested a little less this month. From 600€ in last December to 510€. This month I have some additional expenses, so I decided to cut a little. However, I hope to compensate in the coming months.
  • New stock added to my portfolio: Microsoft
  • I didn’t invest in ETF’s and p2p lending.

Current Portfolio Value

Portfolio distribution at 2021/01/31
My Current Crypto Currencies Application 2021/01/31
My Crypto evolution over the month of January
  • It’s a very mature company. (it won’t disappear so quickly…)
  • It pays dividends.
  • I believe that may have margin to grow next years. (Market in Cloud should continue to increase…)
  • The possibility of a stock split: like happens last year with Tesla or Apple. Usually a split in a stock, mainly in the IT sector, bring new investors that can make the stock go up.



About my personal investments. I’m a little risky! I believe in CryptoCurrencies!

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