This month I made few investments:

  • P2P: 100 €

I limited myself investing on P2P, and I also allocate money to invest on a better opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies and Stocks/ETFs.

I didn’t do any new buys or sells on stocks or cryptocurrencies.

Current Portfolio Value

CryptoCurrenicies are mainstream sinse last November, the market has grown stupidly and not to vary my all portfolio grew significantly because of the cryptos. The most interesting thing is that I’m not investing on this market in the last 3 months. I just watch it grow.

For this reason CryptoCurrencies represents now 79% of my all investments:

Portfolio distribution at 2021/03/31
My Portfolio Value Evolution over the last months

Crypto Currencies (about 79% of my portfolio)

My crypto distrubution doesn’t change a lot. However the value has a grow almost 30%:

My Crypto Currencies Portfolio Value over last months — 2021/03/31

P2P Lending (about 5% of my portfolio)

So far the behavior has been as expected. However the ViaInvest platform has more difficult on applying my money, so I just put 20€ this month on ViaInvest. On the other hand, I’m trying to have the same value on bondora and Mintos platforms, so Im investing more on Bondora than Mintos, 50€ and 30€ respectively.

My p2p portfolio value is € 509.

My P2P Lending Application by Platform — 2021/03/31



About my personal investments. I’m a little risky! I believe in CryptoCurrencies!

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