2022 — First quarter results of my investments

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The first trimester of 2022 starts with some negative events that are influencing the world of investments:

  • Pandemic: despite the return to the pre-pandemic life being something more normal, we continue to live with some restrictions in the economy. Particularly in countries with tighter restrictions like China or Canada.
  • High inflation rates: in the last 2 years of pandemic, governments created money to fight the economic constraints needed to fight the pandemic.
  • Ukraine War: to everyone surprise, a war broke out in eastern Europe. In the middle of the 21st century, Russia decided to invade Ukraine, starting a humanitarian, resource, energy crisis, which obviously affects the entire global economy. War is the solution for nothing! People are suffering!

Considering this facts, 2022 doesn’t look like an easy year.

Investments on the first quarter

I invested a total of 3300€. In the first 3 months I already invested almost half of what I put on all 2021. In January I put more 1000€ extra that I used to, since I had an extra income in December.
Also, I decided to put my goal of investments on 750€/month.

Amount invested over first quarter 2022

I added a new product to my portfolio. I started invested on a pension fund. Here, in Portugal, I have tax benefits investing on this kind of products. It’s a fund with a moderate risk for long term.
It’s always good to diversify a little more.

Portfolio Value

At the end of the first trimester of 2022, all of my portfolio worth 17900€.

  • Total invested (1st trimester 2022): 3300€
  • Value from 2021: 16615€
  • Portfolio Value Today: 17900€
  • Profit: -2015€ (-16%)

I started the year investing more than I used to, and despite this effort, I’m not seeing immediate results. We face very volatile times in the world of investments, so my results can be very volatile too. However, I’m trying some strategies to minimize risks.

Still, my portfolio is growing!

My portfolio value 2021–1st trimester 2022
Portfolio value by product type
Portfolio distribution 2022/03/31


  • Portfolio Value Today: 7408€
My current Crypto Currencies Application at 2021/03/31
My Crypto Currencies Portfolio Values 2021–1st trimester 2022

On the first 3 months I diversified a little in cryptocurrencies. This market is very volatile there’s a lot of products and I don’t feel that I have a solid strategy for this kind of investments. At the moment I have the feeling that I move too much between the products. I plan to be more consistent!

I bought the CRO token to stake. With this, I get some benefits like cashback of 2% of all of my payments with crypto.com card and a free premium spotify subscription.


Stocks Portfolio Results:

  • Portfolio Value Today: 7792,70€

I have investments on 7 products:

Stocks I own — 31/03/2022


  • Value: 1227€

I have 16 units of the ETF (iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF USD (Acc))

P2P Lending Portfolio Results

  • Portfolio Value Today: 1161,64 €


Value Today: 310€

I start investing in a pension fund. This fund consists mainly of stocks and bonds. This kind of investments can bring fiscal benefits and it’s way to have my portfolio more diversified.

I started slow with an investment of 300€, and at the end of the trimester appreciated to ~310€.

The following months

I have made an effort to invest the amounts I have proposed every month in different types of products. However, I don’t think it was very consistent in its diversification.
Bearing this in mind, I have defined an investment plan for the different types of products in which I invest.

I classified the different types of products by risk, I assigned an investment percentage and set the amount to invest based on the monthly amount I set to invest.

With this, I hope to reach a distribution more aligned with my profile of investment.



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