I really love Docker ! I started my trip in the Docker ecosystem more than 2 years ago when I worked in the previous startup I co-founded. I started playing with containers and, gosh, really enjoyed it. Even more than that… I got a wow effect that I still get using Docker today.

I knew, at that time, that I wanted to be more involved in this technology and its community. I also wanted to dive deeper in the Docker ecosystem and understand the different technologies developed around the platform. I then went to Barcelona to attend the DockerCon Europe 2015 and really enjoyed it. That was the opportunity to see a lot of players (a lot of startups among them) of the ecosystem, to talk with a lot of them, and also to have face to face discussions with some cool Docker guys I only knew through IRC. My motivation to participate in all of this rose again at that time.

Fun & Learn @DockerCon Europe 2015 in Barcelona

Pretty much at the same time, I started to organise workshop events in Sophia-Antipolis (a technopolis park located in the south-east of France and which gathers a lot of companies, from big ones to small startups, research centers, engineers schools). We organized a MongoDB workshop not long ago and I though Docker would be a good candidate for the next one. I then started to check with Docker guys how this could be put in place. The workshop I had in mind resonated with the organization of Docker 3rd birthday and with a couple of very motivated guys (thank you all !) we were really glad to lead the local version of this event. I also accepted to be among the organizer of the Docker Meetup Nice, and I’m enjoying this activity today.

In the late 2015, I started to work in the second startup I co-founded. Still at its very beginning and because I was the only one in the IT team (can we call it a team then ?) I could select the technology stack of my choice to put in place all the db / backend / front-end stuff. I went for Docker (obvs), Node.js, MongoDB and also a little bit of Go and Clojure. At that time, I started to blog about Docker ( and dive deeper in the different related tools. A couple of months later I became a Docker Captain, this is a program that gather people who love to talk, blog, exchange, teach all Docker related stuff. Gosh, the Docker Captains community is awesome, and so are the discussions on the dedicated slack channel. It’s always the opportunity to learn something and to talk about use cases, Github issues and lot of stuff.

Because I’m a very curious guy (read avid learner :) ), I like to learn and also to teach stuff to others. I created a couple of content online, slideshare, youtube videos, blog posts, followed an official Docker training and I then decided to go one step forward and start to freelance as a Docker trainer, I started in a company in Switzerland, and really liked it. As I was creating the content of my training I decided at the same time to also make it an online course.

Well, I probably talked too much in this post… is there, if you feel like it, give it a try, if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask, I’ll be glad to help.

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