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An Overview of LuckTogether

LuckTogether is an open source, decentralized and no loss lottery mining project. Users only need to deposit the corresponding token in any prize pool to have a chance to win a big prize and at the same time obtain mining revenue. LuckTogether is based on a safe, non-destructive, and fair design concept to ensure that every participant can gain returns. The most importantly, user’s principal will have no loss!

First, LuckTogether uses smart contracts as the only way to control funds. The ownership of smart contract funds always belongs to the user and cannot be changed. In any case, users can retrieve their funds at any time, ensuring that users control their funds at any time and ensure the absolute safety of funds.

Secondly, the bonus in LuckTogether comes from the interest generated by the user’s deposited funds, and the user’s probability of winning is proportional to the size of the user’s deposited funds, ensuring the fairness of the lottery to the greatest extent.

More importantly, LuckTogether does not require users to pay the cost of funds. The bonus comes entirely from the interest generated by the deposited funds, which truly ensures that the user’s principal has no loss.

In addition to the generous bonuses in the prize pool, the winners can also get a Loot Box containing various tokens. The most important thing is that if users who participate in LuckTogether can obtain the reward of LuckTogether platform token LUCK through deposit mining, all users can get additional rewards on the basis of non-destructive principal.

LuckTogether consists of a series of decentralized protocols running on the blockchain.

Prize Pool Protocol

This protocol supports the community to create prize pools, set prize distribution strategies, set prize sources (interest generated by depositing funds on third-party decentralized debit-credit platforms is used as bonus), set the draw cycle, loot boxes, etc. All prize pools created by this protocol have the same key characteristics as follows:

  • No loss of principal deposited.
  • Exit and withdraw deposits at any time.
  • Distribute prizes fairly according to prize strategy.

LUCK Token Issuance Protocol

To encourage users to participate in the prize draw, LUCK tokens will be issued according to the issuance rate and decay rate specified by the economic model. For detailed economic model, please refer to the chapter “Economic Model”.

DAO Community Governance Protocol

As a decentralized community project, the management of the project is owned by community users, and the DAO community governance protocol was developed for this purpose. For detailed governance content, please refer to the “Community Governance” chapter.

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