Varna, Bulgaria: A City in Review


Food is super cheap. You can eat well for about $3-$4. Food is amazing because it’s fresh and grown/raised there. A good rule of thumb for traveling anywhere is usually the places that have people eating there are probably safe to eat. Street food is delicious. There are amazing doner-kebabs for anywhere between $1.50-$3 that put Chipotle to shame (I don’t say this lightly). There are a few chain restaurants such as Godzilla and Happy that don’t disappoint, but to get more authentic food you’ll want to go elsewhere. There are Subways and McDonalds in case you miss crappy food. I remember there was one spot that was open until 4AM that made pancakes with a variety of toppings, excellent drunk food.


Going out:

It’s a hubspot for tourism. It’s kind of like going on Spring Break and meeting people from different schools, except instead of the “You’re from FAU? Cool I’m from UF, we have so much to talk about!” it’s more like

“Eim from Avstria, you ar from YEW ESS??”

“Yea I’m from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida”

“Like the DISNEY?? I LOVE the Disney!”

“Yeah exactly. exactly from the Disney”

“I noteeced you speek Inglesh? Wher are you from?

The states, how about you?

I am from Kweebek! (quebec)

Nice so you’re by the 6?

Ugh enuff with thees DRAIYK! everywere I go it is draiyk draiyk 6 6!!”

Since there aren’t many Americans that go there on vacation (You’ll probably end up going to Ibiza/Berlin if you do go to Europe because you’re basic), you’re sort of like a quasi celebrity. The girls love American guys. That’s if you’re a respectful gentleman and not creepy. Creepiness is universal, this isn’t your valhalla, perverts.

(for the ladies) As for the tourist guys my age, it’s refreshing to see groups of dudes go out with the same enthusiasm as a high school kid at his first college party. For the most part, they assume every party in the US is a scene from Project X and it’s their personal duty to catch up for the sake of Europe. Shots will be taken, things will be broken, and intense EDM drops will be greatly appreciated. As for the Bulgarian guys, they usually have this cooler more laidback approach to get a table and a few bottles, surround themselves with a crowd of attractive girls, and chill there.

Either way, going out is a blast and since everything is cheaper you’ll probably end up spending around $30 for a GOOD night (AYCD top shelf, cover, etc). There is always something going on during the summer. Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasatsi) is the tourist destination in Varna where you get flocks of Austrians, Germans, Norwegians, Poles, Swedes, Russians, and other nationalities. Walking down this strip you’ll see strip clubs, dance clubs blaring music, Germans getting wasted on a rooftop lederhosen-themed bar, and mini-shops. We went to a club called Malibu.


If I could propose to the entire female population from 18–30, I would. The average height from what I saw in girls my age was around 5’7 so at night I would be seeing most girls in heels at eye level or above which was new to me. The national average for the country is 5’3 so I’m sure there’s a cave of very short Bulgarian girls out there throwing off my extremely accurate prediction.

The women were gorgeous and they know it. Many times has it happened I would be out at lunch, dinner, or beer with family and many times a girl would walk by and every male head would slowly turn and track it like a dog seeing a squirrel. While everyone’s wife or girlfriend gave them a look of playful scorn as if to say “Oh you!”. Super trendy, well taken care of, great shape. Walking magazine covers.

I went out to the beach with this Bulgarian dancer (no not a stripper) I met at a club (no not a strip club). I think committing to an evening with someone you don’t know is weird and I don’t usually do it. It was actually great, even though she spent the greater part of our talks correcting my Bulgarian like a school teacher would. There were no sexual implications, she insisted on paying for herself, and didn’t expect me to carry the conversation. Bulgarian girls LOVE talking by the way be ready for that.


It’s on the beach. Our apartment was a 5 minute walk down. Hands down my favorite part is the lifestyle and the life. people are always outside socializing. There’s a beautiful garden called the Morska Gradina or Sea Garden that people are constantly walking around and talking. Be prepared to see magazine caliber girls followed by their aged grandma counterparts, the Bulgarian population is very active and follow a lifestyle of walking everywhere. It’s awesome, I walked near six miles a day without trying, which meant I ate everything I could and still stayed in great shape. The Center is filled with shops and there is always something going on. Bars, coffee shops, stores, restaurants align this part of the city.

Article by Alex Moskov

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