Part 2, Lucky Dip Vol 5 — UnionCloud Release 26

In Part 2 of our lucky 5th edition, we summerise all the features and functionality being improved and added to our website platform UnionCloud.

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UnionCloud — Major Release 26

New UnionCloud admin dashboard

Coming to all platform users on 26th November, we are truly impressed with UnionCloud’s latest update. We’ve been hands on in the sandpit version for the past week or so and gave a short tour through the long list of improvements to the Sheffield team at Lucky Dip. We plan to have further workshops to show folk round in the near future.

The release comes after months of development work from the UK and India based dev team. With consultation workshops with a handful of SU’s (including Sheffield). Highlights include:

Admin Dashboard Redesign

  • Completely redesigned the admin section of UnionCloud for staff & societies. With a more intuitive, user friendly, and fully mobile responsive interface.
Edit Mode with new powers

Improved Edit Mode

  • Now easier to use and enables in page, front end editing of your content with some very useful extra functionality.
Drag & Drop functionality

Drag & Drop Page Building

  • Brand new ‘drag & drop’ page building tools using the open source Bootstrap framework. Allowing you to create amend and rearrange any page. This is especially exciting for societies who will now be able to intuitively create sub sites from the main website.


  • New live stats dashboard, one of the best pieces of front end design we’ve seen from UnionCloud to date.
  • Election APIs adding to the event APIs already released for us to begin developing our own dashboards or apps.

More Customisable Emails

  • We and many SU’s have been asking for this for a while and in this release UnionCloud have added more emails we can customise. Including volunteering, election fast track and events.

More Dynamic Filters

  • Added for Student Voice and volunteering modules.

Site Wide Search Improvements

  • Using ‘Elasticsearch’ from AWS, site wide search is getting allot smarter. This is a core user improvement and as such very welcome. Site-wide search will search for a term within the page title, body text, tags (in that order of priority).

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