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How to Create a Stellar Channel on YouTube

A lot more goes into creating a viral video on YouTube than most people realize — and the reason some videos bring the big buck$ and some don’t is all in the details.

YouTube has exploded as one of the #1 search resources for anyone looking for content: from how-to videos to audiobooks, and everything in between-YouTube has catapulted to the queen of content.

Lots of people try to game the system and to be known on YouTube and it makes a lot of sense — it’s an easier place to socialize your brand and create content in a search-focused environment.

People go to YouTube for audio and video content, so if that’s your type of media, YouTube likely checks the box as a medium for visibility.

Most videos fall into either personal or list channels. Personal videos show your face in the videos and list channels feature faceless content honing on a certain topic. The approach to creating content is slightly different but overall the idea is the same.

Remember: your video is only as good as the sum of the parts and the key to video success is making each part count.

- Speak to their pain.

- Write a catchy headline.

- Create stellar content.

- Boost your video SEO and virality.

Creating a well-thought-out video is key to keeping viewers interested in your YouTube content and scripting is an important part of that process.

As you create your video scripts, write as though you are speaking to a single person. Give that person a face and a name to get really clear on who they are and what they would care about learning from you on whatever topic you’re focused on.

If you have a friend to use for a familiar visual, use that image. It’s important to give your target audience a name and a face, and write directly to that persona.

Developing your script should have 4 parts …

The Intro | The Hook | The Body | The Outro

1. The INTRO

Create a stellar intro by scripting out your words and practicing them over and over again until your intro sounds conversational.

Example script:

“Hi everyone and welcome to Marketing 101, where we teach people how to use marketing to grow your audience and build your brand.”

2. The HOOK

It’s important to get right to the point with your message and create a sense of anticipation for what’s to come.

Example script:

“Today we’re going to go over the top 10 things to use in your brand messaging to make you stand out above the competition. Make sure you watch til the end, where we’ll cover the #1 way to captivate your audience and show loyalty.”

3. The BODY

At this point, you’ll want to cover the body of your video.


“#1 — use your personality. How many times have you passed over a video because it seemed flat or uninteresting?

Focus on creating messages that show your unique brand personality to make your viewers stop scrolling and watch. You have 3 seconds or less to show a personality that resonates long enough for them to stick around.”

To make your video longer and add more value, I recommend inserting pictures and examples of what to do vs. what not to do. It’s always helpful to give visuals with your message. Aim to create one minute of content per item on the list, so if you have 10 things to cover, your video would be 10 minutes of focused content with another minute broken up at the beginning and end of the video for the intro and outro.

4. The OUTRO

At this point, you’ll want to end your video with a conversational outro that makes your viewer want to stay until the very last second.

Example script:

“Be sure to smash the like button and subscribe to this channel to see all the new videos coming out — in fact, go and hit the bell to turn on notifications so you won’t miss any of them — we’re creating new content every day to help you do more with your marketing and build your brands.

Check out this playlist of our top 10 videos of (link closely related topic) to see more now.

Alright, that’s it til next time! I’ll see YOU in the next video. Bye!”

There are YouTube strategists and teachers that put their life’s work into making videos that not only add value but get the attention of the YouTube algorithm to rank quickly.

It’s all about what you put into it and making it work for you.

Here’s to your YouTube success!



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