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Quick Confidence: Show Up and Glow Up at Work with Big Action in Sales

Life presents countless opportunities, every single day, to either DO or NOT DO something — the choice is always up to you. How you show up will either build your confidence muscle or bring you down. And this could not be more true at work.

Have you ever been met with a large goal or project that your team is counting on you to complete? Perhaps a large sales contract must be created, presented, signed, and paid to meet your sales quota — and everyone is counting on you to make it happen. How you prepare and approach the process will mean everything to your outcome.

Set the Stage for the Right Action

Prepare, learn, and grow. As you set the stage for what is called “right action,” lean into your preparation and learnings to create your plan. Think through the steps that must be completed to meet your larger goal.

  • Break your steps into bite-sized pieces and focus on not only staying organized but managing your actions at every stage until you track to the end phase, getting paid.

Doing something towards your larger goal every day is MUCH better than doing nothing. Doing the RIGHT things every day to achieve your larger goal comes with practice and understanding the right action, and …. that comes with repeated action. The point? Just do something!

Sales consist of prospecting, qualifying buyers, understanding a buyer’s pain, creating the right offer, and getting their buy-in and belief. When you work with your prospect, make sure you are showing up on every call and meeting with a plan for success.

  • How can you help them better understand what you have to offer that fits their pain points … faster?

Bite-size steps to consider when joining sales meetings:

** Before joining a meeting, make sure you know:

  • who will be at the meeting
  • what they are looking to get
  • why they are talking to you or your company
  • how you can present yourself and your offer to help close a deal faster

** Before leaving a meeting, make sure you understand the:

  • who
  • what
  • why
  • how
  • when

You must be able to efficiently and effectively provide the follow-up information and materials, as well as have the next call on the calendar to keep the conversation going.

Whatever you do, do not hesitate in taking the next step to close. Do something towards the larger sales goal. If you’re worried you may not have the best outcome, that’s ok — create something. In fact, use your own creativity and create two outcomes, one expanding on the other.

Paralysis Analysis

Don’t get caught in paralysis analysis — create something. PRO TIP: show your boss your ideas and approach to a sales project early to get feedback on your plan. This not only shows you taking action, but it also allows you to get instant feedback if you need to pivot slightly. Who cares that it’s not perfect right out of the gate — you started.

Take Action

Mel Robbins has made “The 5-second Rule” popular for a reason. Since people have a natural tendency to procrastinate when they have a fear of failure, it’s key to take action quickly to disrupt the pattern. If you need to create a sales contract for an upcoming meeting but can think of a million reasons why you can’t at that moment, think of the end result — the goal you are after — count backward from 5–4–3–2–1 and do it anyway.

Every day, you have a choice in how you approach your goals. My hope for you is that you’ll choose ACTION over inaction every time. People are likely depending on you to keep your head in the game, do the tough work, and accept the pressure that comes with that work. No matter what you do, keep going and do not give up!

It takes a tremendous amount of time for diamonds to be created, forming gradually over years. It’s the enormous pressure and high temperatures throughout that time that contribute to the creation of a diamond. Understand that you are a diamond in the making — the work you put in today will show up in big ways when you stay in the game and keep the pressure engaged.

Remember, everything that is worth creating takes time. Show up every day, do something that scares you, work in silence, learn together, meet every challenge with action, and you will be awestruck at the difference you see not only in yourself but in your work abilities for years to come.

Here’s to diamonds!

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