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Feb 24 · 3 min read

It is no secret that the world is at the verge of automation. Everyday, scientists, researchers and engineers achieve groundbreaking discoveries in robotics, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and nanoscience. These technologies have the potential to dramatically transform the way our societies are built, interact and govern themselves.

Humankind has gone from learning how to use prehistoric tools to the great industrial revolutions of the 18th and 19th century. Over and over again societies have had to reinvent themselves in the everlasting adoption process.The new technologies we invented helped us alleviate manual labor and profoundly improve the average living standards.

Nowadays, tasks that once required a considerable workforce working in extreme conditions are now done by a handful of robots.

Many would say that only manual labor can be automated, but at this pace of technological progress white collar jobs too will soon be replaced. From drawing, to understanding languages and playing games, these technologies have shown their limitless capabilities and it is only a matter of time before this new era of automation revolutionizes the way people live.

Despite the doomsday rhetoric on the matter, this takeover of both blue and white collar labor by automation technologies has the potential to be a blessing. Humans will likely inherit an extraordinary amount of free time, time they’ll chose to use as they wish for any goal or purpose they see fit.we are leaving the times of labour and productivity and entering an era of purpose.

The present system, based in competition and scarce by capital concentration and a profit only driven world, is preventing us from reaching and accessing that future. Considering that most of the tasks will be carry out by technology, and those proprietary technologies are currently owned by companies; the risk of a vertically growing marginalization due to unemployment becomes an inevitable reality.

Tech companies are growing faster than ever. The commonly referred to FAANG companies, composed of Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix and Google make up for more than 12% of the S&P 500.These companies are today more economically relevant and powerful than most countries in the world.

In addition to this, the environmental destruction rate caused by humans is threatening our own existence. Governments have tried to create initiatives like the Paris Agreement or the Kyoto protocol, but have failed to rally the most important actors around the cause.

In order to prevent this, to create an incentivized ethical behaviour from private companies and a functioning purpose based capitalism, we hereby propose a framework in which companies turn into Public Benefit Organizations (such as Patagonia, Kickstarter, Method, TOMs etc.), that seek for profit, but also help in addressing both social and environmental problems through decentralized profit redistribution protocols.

We hereby propose the creation of the Lucus ecosystem, the first crypto public benefit and community interest corporation. Which will donate ⅓ of the profits to social and environmental causes. A series of protocols will be implemented in order to allow the transparent, decentralized, community curated redistribution of funds. It will be the first case of a crypto company having at its core both profit generation as well as social and environmental change.

Thanks to our community, the company’s growth and social impact will go hand to hand. We wish to empower people to participate in the business they buy from.

Our ultimate goal is to create an inclusive digital economy, where company growth is synonym with social change, and where the engine lies not in the hands of companies but in those of its customers.


Connecting people and institutions to their purpose through inclusive digital economies and financial services.

Lucus Foundation

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Connecting people and institutions to their purpose through inclusive digital economies and financial services.


Connecting people and institutions to their purpose through inclusive digital economies and financial services.

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