Lucy Report — feb. 28, 2016

As I have performed some fundraising work for an international women’s organization over the last year, I have seeded my Twitter feed and scoured the internet to learn more about the context I am working in. I have been inspired/infuriated by many stories I’ve read over the last few months. And I’m eager to share. So I’m starting a weekly, curated list of stories on the parity and progress of women around the globe.

I’ve dubbed it “Lucy Report,” stemming from a conversation with some dear friends back in November that inspired this idea to a great degree. We were studying a number of early women’s rights pioneers and became intrigued with Lucy Stone, an early American suffragist.

But maybe Lucy van Pelt is your Lucy hero. Or Lucille Ball. Or your Aunt Lucy. We all have a little Lucy in us, so I’m sticking with that name.

Here are my first offerings, for your consideration:

  • 15 Inspirational Movies about Extraordinary Women — In recognition that it is Oscar night; though I have a few quarrels with this list.
  • Political Power of Single Women — My friend Lauren Johnson sent this to me as I have allowed my subscription to New York Magazine lapse. Must correct, as I always enjoy their political coverage.“….for the first time in history, a majority of women voters are projected to be unmarried”
  • 15 Girls — An extraordinary series by NPR last fall looking at the life of girls aged 15 around the globe
  • Lands End Apologizes — When I got my latest Lands End catalog, I was delighted to find an interview with Gloria Steinem included, along with the option to purchase the ERA logo on some items, with proceeds going to women’s equality. But before I could order anything…….well, let’s just say some were not so delighted.
  • Website reco: check out Broadly.Vice.Com — I… it, I think. I certainly celebrate that it exists; we’ve come a long way from the “women’s pages” of midcentury newspapers. But sometimes ….well, see what you think.