Lucy Report — march, 13, 2016

Well, everyone was loving the ladies this week. What with International Women’s Day and the beginning of Women’s History month, multitudes of politicians and celebrities gave speeches, relevant organizations promoted their causes, and publications pushed out “content.” So many gifts, it was like Christmas!

But first, I’m eager to share a really important breakthrough and name an honorary “Lucy” of the week: Saveur magazine reports Kentucky has its first female master distiller since Prohibition. Soon, we will see Marianne Barnes on a Women’s History Month list in honor of this important achievement. I just know it. Perhaps she also can help counter the stereotyping of whisky-drinking women as described by whiskey expert Heather Greene in this column from (Photo credit Matt Rodbar)

Back to International Women’s Day, it’s easy to pick my favorite content. Every.Single.Word.Of.This. What this extraordinary woman says in roughly two minutes sums up the two issues I believe would most change the world. (The full 20-minute speech, can be found here on

The He for She crowd — at least the Brits and Canadians — spoke up:

In an Op-Ed in The Globe and Mail, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — the one who appointed women to at least half of his cabinet because “it’s 2015,” the one who greeted Syrian refugees with warm humanity, the who knows how to pandar — made the case that gender equity is “an opportunity, not a threat.” Sir Richard Branson, agrees, supporting the Pledge for Parity.

And none other than James Bond makes the case for bringing women to the peace negotiating table, thus giving such agreements a far higher chance of succeeding.

It was a big week for Lady listicles (I’m told listicles is an actual term used these days in some newsrooms) Here are three worth more than a glance:

· 7 Badass Women you didn’t learn about in history class — from

· 16 International Women’s Day Role Models — from

· 50 Voices— posted on by the United Nations Development Programme

Manels: Indicators of parity and progress fall across a wide spectrum — from legal protections to cultural norms. I learned this week of one, very specific indicator: “manels,” as described in this Foreign Policy article written by a colleague of mine (listicle alert.) The article led me to this AWESOME tumblr blog. Really, check it out to learn more about the Hasselhoff seal of approval. In an interview in The Guardian, the blogger, Finish university researcher, Dr. Saara Särmä, said:

“In Finland we tend to think ‘Oh we’re so equal’ ” and people say: “Oh feminists, what are you complaining about here?” Gender equality is a process. It goes backward and it goes forward and it’s really dangerous to think that we’ve already achieved it.”

The same article sent me to (check it out for its cool masthead alone.) In partnership with the Center for American Women in Politics and the Women’s Media Center, Gender Avenger has launched #whotalks for the 2016 season, which will gather data to monitor the gender balance of pundits. Here’s how things look out of the gate.

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