Lucy Report — oct. 9, 2016

So, someone leaked a video recording of Donald Trump saying very lewd and sexually aggressive things about women. And for some reason that escapes me, people are surprised. Trump has been saying degrading things about women for years, and there’s good reason to believe he acts as lewdly as he speaks. Heck, he’s made a number of sexist comments just during this election.

Now, Republicans are shocked? Now, they want to jump ship? I’m not buying it. The party has screwed itself. They should have gotten in a back room, worked out one or two candidates to run, rather than splitting the vote among 15 candidates, and spared the nation this debacle and saved their party.

Yes, I said “back room.” The leaked Hillary speeches describe this process of politicians staking out public position and then working out compromises in back rooms. It is disconcerting, sure. We’d like everything to be transparent. It isn’t. It never has been. Brush up on our history — or listen to the musical Hamilton. Wall Street became Wall Street and DC became the nation’s capital in a private negotiation. And on and on. It is the way the sausage is made. That’s why trust is such an important factor in deciding who to vote for.

But back to the Republicans. Why now? Why not when he staked out deplorable positions on immigrants? Said ridiculous things about African-Americans? Likely because they believe they need the votes of women.

Per the tweets above: Anne Marie-Slaughter, a renowned foreign policy expert who worked in the US State Dept. for Hillary, points out that the Republicans still don’t get the notion of equality, of parity. It’s not about being rescued and revered. The second tweet — I don’t know the tweeter — makes a similar point in a way. So many Republican reactions have had the tone of “protecting” our daughters rather than “teaching” our children that men and women are equals — oh, and, sexual assault is wrong.

Why is this so important? My friend, Mary Carter, posted on Facebook a snippet of a conversation she had with a friend: “I’d bet nearly every woman you know has experienced some level of objectification and threat. It’s not all p-grabbing but it’s on the same continuum.” Preach, sister. But don’t just take our word for it. On Friday night, Kelly Oxford, a Canadian author, asked Twitter followers to share their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. What happened next is nothing short of astonishing — more than 8.5 million women tweeted their stories.

Eight Million.

Ladies and Gents-who-get-it, it is up to us to save the nation. Vote.

Long Live Ann Richards!

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Thanks for reading — Editor, Reagan Walker