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Here’s How You Can Buy LDN with the Coinbase Wallet!

Swapping ETH to LDN is simple with Coinbase Wallet

Currently, Ludena Protocol’s Token (LDN) can only be purchased by another token or cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, those interested in purchasing LDN will need to first purchase Ethereum (ETH) and then take advantage of a self-custody wallet such as a Coinbase Wallet to purchase LDN. Here’s how you can use Coinbase Wallet to purchase LDN:

Download Coinbase Wallet

To purchase LDN using another cryptocurrency such as ETH, a self-custody wallet should be downloaded from the app store.

Download Coinbase Wallet from Appstore

Set up Coinbase wallet

After downloading the app, users should make sure to properly set up their Coinbase Wallet. This includes picking a username and securely storing your recovery phase. The recovery phase will consist of 12 random words. Remember that this phrase is the key to accessing your wallet. You should never share this with anyone and you should always write it down in a safe place. Coinbase will be unable to help those access their account if they lose their recovery phrase therefore it is extremely important that you do not lose your recovery phrase!

Set up your Coinbase Wallet

Buy and transfer ETH to Coinbase Wallet

You will then need to buy ETH and transfer it to the Coinbase Wallet. Make sure you understand gas fees and network fees and set aside money to cover these costs. Please always make sure to check fees and prices before purchasing. After your purchase, you can transfer the ETH to your wallet.

Import ETH into your Coinbase Wallet

Use ETH to buy LDN!

Once you have your ETH, you can purchase LDN through the Coinbase Wallet. In the Coinbase Wallet, you can use look through the trade tab where you can search through various coins that can be swapped from ETH. Choose “Ludena Protocol” and follow the necessary steps to finish the transaction.

Trading ETH to LDN is simple through apps such as Coinbase Wallet. We hope that those that are hoping to get their hands on some LDN can use this method to swap their ETH to LDN.

Swap ETH to LDN!

For more information on the Coinbase and the Coinbase Wallet check out their website:

To learn more about Ludena Protocol and join our ever-growing community check out the following links:







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