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Win $LDN — Weekly Quiz Info!

Hi everyone ~ it’s been a while since we’ve held an LDN event and we thought we should reward your patience with a little quiz! We hope this is a good buffer event before our initial listing takes place, and yet another chance to rake up some sweet, sweet LDN.

Quiz Details

Our quiz will be taking place weekly, starting Wednesday, November 11th (11.11) and will run for 4 weeks

The quizzes will begin at 12:00 pm KST (Korea Standard Time) and run for approximately 24 hours

Each quiz will be based on our most recently posted Medium article. So on November 11th, the 1st quiz will be based on our October 2020 Update article (The article is so short, so it’s an easy chance to win free tokens!)

There will be 5 winners per week, who will be selected randomly from the pool of users who answered correctly

Each winner will receive $5 worth of LDN

Please look out for our post on November 11th at 12:00 pm KST for further instructions on how to participate!


1. You must be a member of our Telegram group to participate.

2. You cannot win more than 1 time over the full 4 weeks.

3. If you win, you will receive your tokens within 60 days of our initial listing.

4. Typos will not affect your submission!

It’s getting chilly here in South Korea, so if you’re on our side of the equator, we hope you are keeping warm and if you’re below the equator… well, we are truly jealous.

Thank you for your continued support guys and happy November from Ludena Protocol!



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