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How to Take Advantage of The Gaming Uptick

South Korea is notorious for being home to some of the world’s best gamers. With an affinity for PC and mobile games, the Korean gamer market is a lucrative one, to say the least, with over $5.6B spent per year on mobile games alone. Western titles also do extremely well in the Korean market, with little disparity between domestic and foreign mobile games. With gaming at an all-time high it is an excellent opportunity for developers to take advantage of this profitable demographic.

Ludena Protocol is making it possible for game companies to get their foot in the door in Korea. Offering a significantly more affordable game publishing platform to developers, a fee-less digital item exchange for game companies and gamers alike and a rewards-based social media app for game enthusiasts, it really is an all-in-one gaming paradise.

Ludena Protocol is home to Korea’s largest gaming social media app aptly named, GameTalkTalk, which has been providing some of the best user-generated content for the past 7 years! We know you’ve probably heard of many new concepts that show why or how people should be getting paid for the indirect marketing they do for companies through generated content. Although it seems like common sense to jump on a platform that will pay you for your uploads, for one reason or another, it hasn’t really caught on. In South Korea, however, with over 3 million GameTalkTalk users getting paid for their posts and engagement for over 7 years, it’s needless to say that it has caught on.

It’s time you and the rest of the world caught on too! No tedious ad watching, no third party site registries, it’s just a spot to share or find tips and tricks for the world’s most popular games. GameTalkTalk is already available in the Google Play store and once you register, your uploads and your likes or comments on other posts will earn you rewards that you can use at Starbucks or Dominos Pizza. Everything tastes better when it’s free, so why not jump on the free food train with us?

Speaking of free… As fellow gamers, we know how gruelling grinding can be, but some of us just need that perfect ending or ultra rare weapon. The other some of us, on the other hand, would rather save a couple hours and just buy all the scarce treasures. Many exchanges out there charge either the buyer or the seller, or both! Wouldn’t it be great to not be charged a fee for all your hard work (We’re talking to both parties here, cause no one has to know you didn’t grind for it)? Ludena Protocol is launching a completely, 100% fee-free digital item exchange, which will be coming to you live in Q2 of this year. We are so excited to offer this truly one of a kind trading platform and hope all gamers can take advantage of avoiding needless fees!

With over 3 million gamers at your disposal and the fact that this demographic just loves spending money on mobile gaming, you’re losing money not developing a game for Ludena Protocol. We want our users to have more fun on our platform. All day long people post about other games, so we have a good idea about what our users like. They want to play new and exciting games, but so many potentially groundbreaking titles never see the light of day due to all the marketing costs involved in getting your name out there. Ludena Protocol is launching a P2P gaming platform that charges significantly lower commission rates than the leading publishers. Made a game that you think is fun? Let 3 million passionate gamers be the judge of that!

There are so many ways to get into gaming and we want to give newcomers and veterans alike a fun way to keep up with all their game needs! Ludena Protocol is a gamified social platform for worldwide gamers and we hope to see you get involved!

GameTalkTalk is already available for download in the Google Play store, so why not get started today?

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Ludena Protocol

A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers.