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July 2020 Update: New game + a first glimpse at our $LDN wallet!

Calling all gamers!! Firstly, we want to thank you all for your continued support and patience in regards to our highly anticipated listing announcement. We hope to release the details of our first listing, along with some more exciting news, within the next few weeks.

There has been an update on our distribution date for ALL past airdrop and event winners:

Distribution will take place within 60 days after our initial listing. We plan for $LDN’s initial listing to take place in this quarter (Q3 2020).

Game Library Addition

We are happy to announce that this month we will be adding another game title to our rewards-based gaming platform: Monster Dunk.

A super fun basketball challenge, that pays you to play. Moving nets and blocking objects all stand in your way from getting a basket. Top scorer wins stars and as you know, stars = rewards!! We can’t wait for you guys to play this one… stay tuned for more details.

For those of you who aren’t aware, so far this month, GameTalkTalk has been rewarding users for other in-app activities as well. Currently, there is an event going on, where simply posting a funny video, shot by you, can win you a Google Play store gift card. We also held an event for the mobile game, Kart Rush Rider+, where you could win a saber red item (rare, in-game item), simply for posting your idea for your DREAM KART!


Here’s a first glimpse of the GameTalkTalk wallet, which will be the key wallet to hold your LDN. It is currently in the testing stages, but is set for release within a few short weeks. We have been held many $LDN events and we know that our community has been waiting for the time to have their tokens distributed. This news is bringing us one step closer to that awaited distribution date and don’t worry, there will be an English version too!

Upon release of the GameTalkTalk DApp, an embedded version of our $LDN wallet will be included in its features, however, prior to DApp release, there will be a standalone app (GameTalkTalk Wallet) available for download in the Google Play store, again, within the next couple of weeks.


Our Twitter has been receiving such overwhelming support, through all the retweets and likes, it has been a great month! We want to thank you guys for all the views and comments on our very first YouTube video and of course to all the new subscribers to that channel. We’re happy to say that we have created our first LinkedIN profile and would like to ask you for your help, by giving the page a follow, here.

Again, we want to thank you all for your patience in regards to our listing announcement. We want the best for our LDN holders, so we are working hard to get you the best.

To find out more information about us visit our website:
Ludena Protocol, please visit:

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