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Ludena Guild, Blockchain Game Guild Representing Korea to the World

Ludena Protocol has officially announced that Ludena Guild will become a blockchain game guild representing Korea. Ludena Protocol has always been working towards one goal, to build an ecosystem for everyone in the P2E game industry. We are building multiple platforms at once, but one of them is ready to present to the public now; the Ludena Guild.

GameTalkTalk has officially transformed into a guild with a guild function built into the dApp. For example, Ludena Guild has its own tab for three partner games; The Sandbox, League of Kingdom, and Axie Infinity. Within the [Guild] tab, guild members can look for scholarships, discuss strategies, and get rewarded for being active!

What Ludena Protocol can Provide to its Guild Members

1. Scholarship program, tournaments, various events, and more! Ludena guild can provide space and tools to connect guild members within the app so people can easily play to earn!

2. GameTalkTalk can do so much better than discord! Within the application, guild members can play mini-games, spin roulette, live stream, etc, and get rewarded for participating and a full-blown social networking system that connects all the users together with the same interest in games.

3. Leveling system to earn more rewards! Ludena wallet connects its entire ecosystem; staking, NFT, and guild. Through the wallet, each member will have a level and a title representing how actively they are participating. As a result, users can earn monthly LDN rewards, be whitelisted for other NFT mint sales, private round investment opportunities, and much more, depending on their level!

What Ludena Protocol can Provide to Partners as a Guild

1. Gametalktalk application has over 3 million global users ready to jump into any P2E games that are launched. Users are very aware of the P2E system, comfortable with blockchain technology, and passionate about gaming. Additionally, we are open to sharing our partners’ NFT sales or game launches.

2. Ludena Protocol offers many forms of staking systems on our platform. We have LP staking, Single-Sided staking, and NFT skating. What Ludena Guild wants to provide as a guild is that partners’ NFTs can be staked on our platform and rewarded with LDN tokens. Ludena has set aside most of our staking rewards for NFT staking. Users who are done playing a game could now simply stake the NFT and stake it when not used.

3. Ludena has been conducting many events such as fan art events, quizzes, AMAs, airdrops, and more with our partners. Most events are very successful due to enthusiastic users in the NFT industry in South Korea as well as our 3 million users. Furthermore, we plan to conduct tournaments for hardcore gamers in the country and world tournaments.

4. Ludena Protocol is well connected to the Korean blockchain society and traditional gaming companies in the country, such as Nexon or Netmarble. We have over 30 partners from the blockchain gaming field, such as Enjin, Sandbox, PlayDapp, etc. Ludena is partnering up with almost one game company a week, and we could introduce these partners for mutual benefits of any matter.

Recently, many guild projects have jumped into the game. Still, Ludena Guild was one of the first guilds ever built, established in 2013, originated from a community for gamers to communicate about the game and watch a guide on how to beat the boss. In 2017, blockchain was incorporated into the platform with P2E functionality: users could earn LDN by game-related activities such as live streaming, posting guides that users like, or simply playing mini-games in the application. Finally, since 2021, there have been on-boarding functions where users borrow NFTs in P2E games, known as the scholarship programs.

Don’t hesitate and join Ludena Guild now!

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