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Ludena Protoco x Hanbitco AMA Recap! Everything You Were Ever Curious About- Answered.

Ludena Protocol and Hanbitco led an AMA event this past Tuesday, (11/23) to answer some of the questions that our community members had. In addition to answering questions, an event was also held to give away some LDN to some lucky participants! Thank you to everyone that participated and congratulations to the winners of the event @borissong77 @Dotorhame @peterhongs @ansondin

Due to the high volume of questions that were submitted to the AMA event, we were only able to answer 6 questions. The following were the questions that were answered in this week’s AMA event!

What makes Ludena Protocol different from other P2E projects?

Submitted by user: @kyb73

Unlike other P2E projects, Ludena has the advantage of scalability as we are able to continuously connect blockchain games and game users through the pin function in GameTalkTalk. Currently, many blockchain games are struggling to attract users to their games. However, Ludena Protocol currently has 3 million active users and is further increasing users into our ecosystem through our partnerships with global affiliated game companies. We also have Axie Infinity’s scholarship system in operation, and we currently are operating a P2E ecosystem. Our biggest advantage that sets us apart is that, unlike other P2E games that aim for a single game-based ecosystem, we are creating an expandable P2E structure in which new P2E games can be onboarded to continue to create a bigger P2E ecosystem.

Can you give us an update on what progress Ludena Protocol has made in the year 2021 and what future goals Ludena has for early 2022?

Submitted by user @jsooooo

We have been preparing for additional listings on domestic and foreign exchanges, as well as preparing a staking pool and NFT marketplace. The staking pool and NFT marketplace are set to launch in February next year. We are also working towards creating a more self-sustaining global P2E ecosystem by releasing self-publishing P2E games before August. Ludena Protocol is also aiming to engage more than 10 million game players in the Southeast Asian market in 2022.

I recently read an article about Ludena’s partnership with Enjin. Are there any other partnerships or plans to expand the ecosystem?

Submitted by user @dori7827

Ludena Protocol recently became strategic partners with Enjin to create a P2E game ecosystem where NFT transactions are easily based on Efiniy, which is implemented on Polkadot’s Parachain with the interchain concept applied. In addition, we plan to strengthen the P2E game exosystem through continuous cooperation with various global partners based on games and NFTs such as The Sandbox and Theta Networks.

The LDN token has the highest exchanged token on Gopax. It’s been almost 6 months since LDN went public. I would like to know if you are planning to list on additional exchanges?

Submitted by user: @bravethecoin

KRW trading is currently suspended so listing on the KRW exchange is our top priority. Although we cannot mention the name of the exchange or the exact date, you can think of it as being in the final stage of preparations for listing on domestic and foreign exchanges. Thank you.

What is the ultimate goal of the Ludena protocol? @beadsmap

The ultimate goal of Ludena is to create a global metaverse where gamers, game publishers, and game developers coexist. We plan to publish our own games before August, starting with a staking platform and NFT marketplace that will launch in February 2022. Through this, we are working with our goal of making the P2E ecosystem more self-sustaining and ultimately creating a metaverse where game stakeholders coexist.

I am curious how the LDN token is used within the Ludena ecosystem.

Submitted by user @ansondin

Ludena tokens are essential for trading and staking for investment purposes, as well as for future publishing games. Ludena tokens will be used to play games and develop characters, making it an essential use case for the P2E ecosystem.

We want to once again thank everyone that showed up and participated in the AMA event with Hanbitco. We hope that this time was beneficial to answering any questions that our community members had. There are a lot of interesting things coming soon at Ludena Protocol and we are glad that there is so much interest in our upcoming projects. Make sure to get connected with us on our social media channels as well to stay up to date on everything going on here at Ludena!

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A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers

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Ludena Protocol

A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers.

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