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Ludena Protocol Announces Enjin’s Based Min-Mins Art Winners!

1st By Artist ( 컬러풀 Colorful )

2nd By Artist (Fila 히라)

3rd By Artist (5KY)

4Th By Artist (Dkay4201)

Ludena Protocol Community Winner By Artist (Joker91)

1st Prize is 2000 LDN Token

2nd Prize is 1200 LDN Token

3rd Prize is 800 LDN Token

4th Prize is 100 USD worth of LDN Token

Community prize 50 LDN Token

We like to thank all the participants for this event. All the winners' Artworks will soon be listed in Enjin Marketplace to be Auctioned off.

Note - We will continue with our new event with Duelist King one of the hottest Card Games. So please check this link to participate



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