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Ludena Protocol Announce Partnership with DOTA Inspired RPG Game Hero Arena

Ludena Protocol is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Hero Arena, a new RPG game that is taking over the blockchain game industry!

Through this collaboration gamers that once only played traditional RPG games will have the chance to play a P2E (play-to-earn) RPG based on Blockchain Technology and NFTs. This will be a very rare opportunity to expose these gamers to the benefits and endless opportunities presented via blockchain technology-based games. Members within the Ludena Protocol communities will also get a chance to receive free or discounted NFTs through events.

Ludena Protocol and Hero Arena will be hosting an airdrop event on November 30 to give away 100 free NFTs and 2,000 NFTs at a 20 percent discount to some lucky participants. Members of the Ludena Protocol community should make sure that they check the community group chats and Ludena Protocol’s social media channels for more updates regarding the event. Those that are not a part of Ludena’s community should make sure to join the proper community groups to make sure that they can also participate in the airdrop event!

Hero Area: Train Heroes and Battle Other Players

Hero Arena is an innovative DOTA inspired RPG game where players can recruit a hero to battle one another. Heroes come within varying classes that are separated by varying strengths and weaknesses of the hero. Players aim to train their hero for battles and acquire new power scales and items to allow for the hero to be stronger. Essentially, the stronger the hero is the more value it possesses.

Through battles and training heroes, players will earn the HERA token which can be used for in-game items or can be sold and traded on the Binance Smart Chain. Players can also earn rewards through staking and farming. Unlike many P2E games that require purchases upfront to play the game, Hero Arena also offers players the option to play games for free and get a small reward for completing missions at every level. Players that also want access to rare and high-priced heroes also have the option to rent those heroes at a lower cost for a set time period and keep the profits made via using those rented heroes.

For more information about Hero Arena check out the link below:

Ludena Protocol’s social gaming platform GameTalkTalk has more than 3 million active users and is continuously growing. This platform supports and promotes Play-to-Earn games and is in the process of creating the first Play-to-Earn ecosystem through their DApp GameTalkTalk. Learn more about Ludea Protocol and connect with the Ludena Protocol community here:











A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers

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Ludena Protocol

A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers.

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