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Ludena Protocol Announces Partnership with First Play to Earn TCG Game Dream Quest

This week Ludena Protocol announced a partnership with the first of its kind Play To Earn NFT card game. Until now, most card games were bought and sold but never rentable. Also, never in any card game did it allow players to be a shopkeeper to earn a profit. Hence, Ludena Protocol, the first Play To Earn Social Blockchain game platform, had no choice but to reach out and form a partnership with Dream Quest.

Now thanks to this partnership, millions of Koreans and gamers around the world will have a chance to win and buy Dream-Quest NFTs at a discount or earn it for free through events and tournaments. Furthermore, those who earn these NFTs will keep it for life and can be rented it out to other players while sharing the profits with whomever they see fit.

Additionally, Dream Quest will be listed on CEX on 11/2, and millions will now have the ability to buy trade and their NFTs with Dream Tokens and play the game with it.

Dreams Quest is an upcoming decentralized Play-to-Earn RPG game using dynamic NFTs. Players will create their hero and explore the vibrant lands that make up the realm of Dreams to discover exciting areas, collect crafting materials and compete in limited-time events and story-rich quests. Players will experience the game with single-player story quests or join up with their friends in a cooperative exploration, and adventure or try their hand at casual or ranked player vs player using our collectible cards and items for a fast-paced strategy card game.

Play To Earn

Players who wish to set up an in-game shop can own or rent their own shop. Become a specialist such as a merchant, a shopkeeper, a blacksmith or an alchemist. Imagine the possibilities as you can haggle with players who wish to buy or sell their inventory (NFTs).

Players who belong to a guild can sell their loot or swap it with fellow guild members. But those who find rare items or wish to upgrade them or sell them may find it easier to visit the local merchant.

For Players: just remember that stronger and more powerful items may always be more valuable. The history of every card will also play a factor in how valuable a card is at any given moment.

For Merchants: remember that it's your shop and you can become as specialized as you want to be. Want to become known for miles around as the blacksmith specialist that can forge or upgrade anything? Your specialist skills and training will certainly come in handy when players come to you

The marketplace will also allow users to put items out for auction. If a player is afraid to price the items themselves the market can decide for them. Each player can also gift a card to a friend or trade with someone directly

Cards and decks can also be rented to others so that they can earn even more.

Players can rent their cards or deck to a stranger. And don’t worry, the smart contracts will ensure that they have only delegated the cards for a period of time and the owner can always claim them back.

Players can rent a deck to someone else in their guild. Earning tokens for helping them while they go into battle to try to win as well. And if they win, the owner will earn something extra as well. It’s always great to help friends to earn even more.

Players can rent their cards to a professional gamer to allow the value of the card to really grow. The professional player (such as a Twitcher) will obviously earn for playing with their deck. And while they play, the owner will earn for the rental. The owner will also earn as they win their battles. The cards will show the history of who held and played the cards as well. Each player can have someone famous play with their deck and see how that will impact the value of their cards.

For every battle a player plays in, they will earn some coins. Winning a battle will also earn them some additional coins. And the harder their opponent is, the more they stand to win.

Players who have assembled a strong deck may find that by just playing the right characters, or having some great miscellaneous cards may just have the right impact on taking down your opponent.

Every player will have a rating or score based upon how hard they are to beat. The harder the person you beat, the more you may win. Using cards such as magic that can alter the in-game dynamics to change a dry and bright day into a wet and cold one may be just enough to alter the powers your opponent has to swing the game to your advantage. The best strategies will prevail and you may earn even more.

And beware that the guardians may have other plans for you as they watch from above. They may cast spells that can either help or harm the players. And during their participation, they may also earn something for helping (or harming others). But sometimes, the damage they inflict can also be repelled, leaving the opponent suddenly stronger or able to earn even more!

For more information about Dream Quest check the link below:

Ludena Protocol, through its P2E gamified social platform GameTalkTalk has more than 3 million users in Korea and adds value to the users’ daily activities by providing rewards for playing P2E games, live streaming, and more. Furthermore, Ludena Protocol partners with Blockchain games to help them get fame in the blockchain game industry. Additionally, Ludena Protocol is the first platform in the world that caters to promoting Play-to-Earn mechanisms differently.

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