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Ludena Protocol Attends NFT Busan 2021 to Share the Impact of NFTs within the Gaming Industry

Cybergalz NFT exhibition at NFT Busan 2021

NFT Busan 2021, the biggest NFT(Non-Fungible Token) event in South Korea was held this past week (November 4th to November 6th) in Haeundae, Busan. The event consisted of 36 different industry experts along with participation from more than 50 up-and-coming NFT and Blockchain technology companies.

The event was held to further expand and explore the developments happening within the NFT and Blockchain industries. This included heavy discourse surrounding the influence of blockchain technology within the gaming industry with Play 2 Earn (P2E) games and the incorporation of NFTs within games. Such related companies were Star Atlas, who have successfully developed a P2E game that incorporates both NFTs and blockchain technology within the game. Similarly, many companies such as JOSEONDYNASTY NFT and Cybergalz NFT displayed NFTs that they have developed at the event. These NFTs have a high potential to be adapted and used within a gaming atmosphere. These NFTs were presented in a similar manner to the NFTs within P2E blockchain games such as Star Atlas.

NFTs and Blockchain gaming

The incorporation of NFTs within the gaming universe has revolutionized the gaming industry altogether. Because NTFs are digital assets that are non-fungible and unique, when added into games they provide a new decentralized method of game playing where gamers hold ownership of the digital assets and in-game items that they collect. This is contrary to the past where the ownership of these assets belonged to the game developers and game companies. At the NFT Busan 2021 conference, the importance and value of NFTs, especially within the gaming industry was once again proven.

NFT Potential

NFT Busan 2021 conference also explored the potential of NFTs within other industries such as the arts and finance sectors. “NFT allows value to be awarded to creators who create something out of nothing. This means these kinds of value creation are applicable to infinite fields and therefore endless development” stated Lee Young-Jae, senior manager at Mirae Asset Securities stated at the conference.

The endless possibilities and potential that NFTs encompass are paving a new path for many different industries. Ludena Protocol also understands the potential of NFTs and the impact that it has on gamers and the gaming industry. We are continuing to study blockchain technology and incorporate it on our platforms to further develop and make new breakthroughs within the gaming industry. To get connected with Ludena Protocol’s community or learn more about South Korea’s biggest play to earn social gaming platform check out the following links:










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