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Ludena Protocol COO Kenneth Lee Answers All of IOST’s Community Member’s Questions in Last Week’s AMA!

IOST hosted an AMA event in their official Telegram group with Ludnea Protocol’s COO, Kenneth Lee as the guest last Friday (12/17). The event was a great way to answer questions that the IOST community had about Ludena Protocol as well as further grow our Ludena Protocol family!

Over 700 questions were submitted but unfortunately, only three lucky winners were able to share the prize pool of 90 $LDN and 3500 $IOST. Thank you to all those that showed interest and participated in the event!

For those that missed the AMA, we have organized all the questions that were answered at the event in this recap!

Firstly, IOST asked three questions:

Can you start by telling our community members a little bit more about yourself and the project you are leading? @Kenmasterz

My name is Ken Lee, I currently am COO of Ludena Protocol!

Ludena Protocol is the largest P2E game social platform used by 3 million global game users. We aim to create an ecosystem for gamers with more than 20 blockchain game companies and self-published games. GameTalkTalk is our first dApp on Playstore, which is the P2E game social platform that connects games with players, adds value to game players’ daily activities such as gameplay, game content production, and live streaming. With a strong community and user pool, Ludena Protocol is trying to create a universal platform for all the P2E games, the Metaverse for gamers. Ludena Protocol not only has over 20 P2E game partners but is also developing a couple of P2E games to publish.

I am especially curious about the staking platform that launches in February 2022, could you tell us a little bit more about it?

We have set aside 25% of the total token supply (300,000,000 $LDN) to be distributed to stakers. Staking reward will be about 7.5 million LDN tokens PER MONTH for the first year, which is about 15million USD PER MONTH for the current price. The dedicated staking rewards pool will be available for 5 years from inception. Staking rewards are calculated on a per-block basis depending on the rate and divided to stakers based on their share of the total staking pool.

And about NFT and P2E games, could you tell me more about them as well?

Of course! Ludena Protocol is planning on launching multiple self-published games one by one. The first P2E game will be launched in August of 2022 featuring real-time battles between NFT characters. Characters are needed in order for players to Play-to-Earn, the more characters a player owns the more playtime he/she will get. The game will have breeding functions to upgrade characters in various ways, each function will require LDN tokens but doing so will generate a great amount of profit for players on top of their daily reward in LDN tokens. Additionally, there will be items with special powers to win the battle. Items will be acquired by completing daily missions and in-game quests. Characters and Items both can be traded in the NFT Marketplace. More information will be released after the official teaser.

After IOST asked a few questions, three community submitted questions were answered:

@KoreanCM26 asked

I understand that there are going to be character NFTs to plat your p2e game, is there a benefit to holders who have more character NFTs?

Yes! People with more character NFTs will be able to play to game more for more rewards! Also, we have set aside 15% of our total token supply for tournaments. Throughout various tournaments, top players will earn an enormous amount of LDN. Hence players with more character NFT have a higher chance of winning.

@sophiecoo asked

Currently, most investors only care about profits at the moment but ignore the long-term benefits. So can you give them some reasons why they should buy and hold your token in the long term?

Great question! Many people are worried about inflation, our staking reward is very big compared to the current circulating supply but at the same time because of the big staking reward, more people want to stake LDN tokens which would cause high demand for LDN and prevent inflation. On top of that, once the P2E game is launched, LDN tokens will be needed to upgrade characters to win more P2E rewards which would help to prevent inflation as well.

Therefore long term, the demand for LDN will be much higher!

@elsagreyhart asked

Partnerships are always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

As the world’s first P2E game social platform, we have over 30+ partners including IOST (my favorite), Enjin, DinoX, etc just to name a few. We will not stop expanding partnerships until we have every blockchain game as our partner! in order to create the ultimate platform for all of the blockchain games, we all need to work together as one. Thank you.

Thank you to all that participated and asked questions in the AMA event! To those that missed the event, don’t worry! We will be having many more AMA events coming soon. Make sure to connect with our socials to stay updated on all our events here:








A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers

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Ludena Protocol

A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers.

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