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Ludena Protocol COO Kenneth Lee Participates in AMA with South Korean Crypto Influencer FireAnt!

To start the year of 2022 off right, Ludena Protocol’s COO participated in an AMA this past Monday, (January 3, 2022) hosted by FireAnt Crypto, South Korea’s biggest Crypto Influencer with over 22 thousand subscribers in Telegram. The AMA was hosted for FireAnt’s audience and was held in Korean. For those that were unable to attend or not native Korean speakers, we have translated and brought you the AMA so you can keep to date with everything that was asked and answered at the AMA!

Firstly, FireAnt asked a question to Lee, followed by five questions submitted from the community and two live questions from the Telegram.

Host Question:

Ludena Protocol is a GameFi social platform that has been used by 3 million global game users and aims to create an ecosystem for gamers based on more than 20 blockchain game companies and self-published games. The DApp GameTalkTalk, which is currently released on the PlayStore, aims to create a global metaverse where gamers, game publishers, and game developers coexist through various games under development, a staking platform, and an NFT marketplace. Recently, these points have been well received by a number of VCs and succeeded in attracting $1.9 million in investment to create the GameFi ecosystem.

Can you please define Ludena Protocol in one sentence?

Ludena Protocol is a GameFi social platform with 3 million users. It’s not easy to define in one sentence haha!

In the NFT P2E market, I believe that the NFT marketplace and staking are important for the influx of users. Can you tell me more about the unopened NFT marketplace and staking?

Submitted by: @kalstein1106

The NFT Marketplace is a place where you can trade characters and items necessary for the blockchain game that Ludena Protocol is developing. The game will be released in August of this year. The first NFT sale of Ludena Protocol will be in mid-February, and we will be selling character packs for the game to be released in August.

The staking platform will release LP staking, followed by single-side staking, and will distribute 7,500,000 tokens per month (about 20 billion won at the current price) as a staking reward. More details will be announced later this month regarding the staking guide.

I would like to hear about specific plans for how to link the p2e game business with GameTalk Talk, which has secured millions of users.

Submitted by: @preetymoons

The ultimate goal of the Ludena Protocol is to implement a metaverse where game users familiar with blockchain gameplay gather in one place. Each time a game is played, a portal is created that allows users to play numerous games on one platform without the need to download a new client or program, and users can directly play the game they want, and they can play their biggest game on the metaverse without joining a separate game community. It is about communicating with each other through a community that has been established.

Massive adoption of millions of users is essential to achieve this. GameTalkTalk is a GameFi social platform, and through a user pool of more than 3 million, it can be immediately adopted on a large scale when the games of its partners, as well as games that it publishes itself, are released. Furthermore, I believe that the Ludena Protocol is an essential part of creating the desired GameFi ecosystem by continuously introducing and connecting game users to new games, unlike other GameFi projects through global users.

What P2E games are being prepared by Ludena? Can you please let me know when it will be playable?

Submitted by: @pradak2

The first game of Ludena Protocol is Kanimal Clash, also known as the Kingdom of Animal Clash, and the beta version is expected to be released before June. Kanimal Clash is a strategy simulation game with a total of 32 game characters, and 8 characters can be combined to battle and nurture. The sale of NFT card packs containing game characters will be held in mid-February. And the second game also has a publishing contract and is currently under development. Regarding the second game, I will announce it in detail later ^^.

They are trying to regulate the P2E market in Korea. Is there any countermeasures Ludena is preparing for this?

Submitted by: @peterhongs

It is true that the current domestic P2E games are slowing down due to regulations. However, the game business of Ludena Protocol is established as an overseas corporation, and the games to be released are also planned for global release. In line with regulatory changes, we plan to respond quickly to the domestic market, and we are currently planning development and marketing targeting the Southeast Asian market like Axie Infinity.

When investing in a project, the background of the project is one of the most important considerations. Can you tell us about Ludena’s partnerships and investors?

Submitted by: @kim13the

Ludena Protocol has many and diverse partners that we are sometimes called “partner protocol” within the community. We have more than 30 blockchain game partners including The Sandbox, Theta Networks, and Playdapp, as well as various partners such as Enjin and SBS Academy. By connecting various partners with millions of users through Ludena’s GameFi social platform, Ludena will create the desired GameFi ecosystem. In this regard, partnerships are one of the most important elements of the Ludena Protocol.

And Ludena Protocol’s investors include a number of institutions including Han River Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, IOST, Vestigium, etc.

What are the uses of the $LDN token? How can I use it in game? What are the benefits for holders of $LDN tokens?

Live Question asked by @soonuu77

Ludena tokens are essential for trading and staking for investment purposes, as well as for future publishing games. Ludena tokens will be used to play games and develop characters, making it an essential use case for the P2E ecosystem.

What is the ultimate goal of the Ludena Protocol?

Live Question asked by @solamiko

Ludena’s ultimate goal is to create a global metaverse where gamers, game publishers, and game developers coexist. Starting with the staking platform and NFT marketplace to be launched in February, we plan to publish a number of our own games before August. Through this, we are working with the goal of making the P2E ecosystem more self-sustaining and ultimately creating a metaverse where game players coexist.

Thank you to everyone that participated and showed interest in Ludena Protocol and our upcoming P2E games, NFT Marketplace, and staking pool! We will have more information regarding our NFT Marketplace, P2E game, and Staking pool coming up soon so make sure to connect to all our socials to stay up to date with all our announcements!







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