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Ludena Protocol Selected as OKX’s Next Jumpstart Project!

Globally leading cryptocurrency exchange OKX has picked Ludena Protocol for its next Jumpstart project. The OKX Jumpstart is a platform that helps launch high-quality crypto projects like Ludena. We are excited to announce this to you all as working with a global exchange such as OKX is a big step towards furthering the development of the P2E metaverse that we are currently working on.

OKX Jumpstart- Stake OKB and Earn LDN!

This platform lists projects for a limited amount of time and allows users to stake their OKB tokens and receive tokens from the project that is being listed on the Jumpstart. The more OKB users stake, the more tokens they can receive. Jumpstart provides users with both high yields and flexibility with their OKB staking. There are no lockup periods, and users can choose to unstake at any time as staking yields are based calculated by minute. Unlike buying LDN from offerings, getting them through Jumpstart is similar to liquidity mining as users will be able to get all their staked assets back after the Jumpstart campaign is over., allowing for even greater profits and yields.

Mining for LDN will start at 9 am UTC on Jan. 26, 2022, and ends at 9 am UTC on Jan. 27, 2022.

The rules for participating in the Jumpstart are as follows:

1. This mining session starts at 5:00 PM HKT on Jan 26, 2022 (01/26/2022) and will end on Jan 27, (01/27/2022) at 5:00 PM HKT.

2. You can only participate in this session with OKB. Transfer OKB to your funding account in advance.

3. To participate, you need to complete photo verification (level 2). Sub-accounts cannot participate in this event.

4. You can stake up to 1,000 OKB during this session. The total staking is unlimited.

5. You can unstake your OKB anytime without a lock-up period.

6. Yield is calculated every minute based on the ratio of your staked OKB amount to the total staked amount.

7. You can transfer your current yield to your funding account anytime.

8. You’ll receive the staked crypto and rewards in your funding account within 1 hour after the mining event ends.

Participate in Jumpstart here:

OKX is the world’s second-largest Cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and is a leading digital asset investing platform. OKX’s platform is a space in which users to easily and safely trade, sell, and invest in cryptocurrency. In addition to cryptocurrency, OKX’s platform also offers simple access to other forms of digital assets such as NFTs through their NFT marketplace. OKX also boasts tools for their users to earn passive income with methods such as staking. Their decentralized platform is concise and easy-to-use, providing the necessary tools for those both Defi veterans and newbies alike!

You can learn more about OKX here:




Ludena Protocol’s social gaming platform GameTalkTalk has more than 3 million active users and is continuously growing. Ludena Protocol is currently working towards creating the biggest P2E metaverse by partnering up with P2E games to create a P2E ecosystem. Ludena will be launching their NFT Marketplace next month with a collection of NFTs that can be used for the self-published P2E games scheduled to launch later this year. Through this P2E ecosystem, players will be able to earn real-life rewards from the games that they play.

Learn more about Ludena Protocol here:






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