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Ludena Protocol x Agareum: Partnership Announcement

Our team at Ludena Protocol has the pleasure to announce our strategic partnership with Agareum, a blockchain gaming company that is putting a fun and unique twist on crypto-based promotions.

The Agareum founders are the team behind one of blockchain marketing’s heavy hitters, Coin Fabric. With their years of crypto-focused marketing experience, they recognized a need in the market for a more exciting method to create pre-listing buzz and user involvement. From there, the Agareum Gamedrop platform was created!

Agareum is an online cryptocurrency multiplayer gaming platform enabling users to play against each other in a head-to-head battle for various tokens which can be picked up during each game. The arena represents a petri dish where cells navigate around various obstacles to absorb each other to accumulate each others tokens.Players are provided an opportunity to play to fill their bags through competitive blockchain casual gaming.

Agareum game’s only rule: Fill Your Bags!

At Ludena Protocol we are looking to shake up the gaming world, by offering unprecedented rewards to worldwide gamers. Agareum’s unique platform matches our vision and moving forward, we are looking to leverage each other's expertise in traditional gaming (Ludena) and blockchain-based gaming (Agareum) to attract the masses to both of our platforms.

Ludena Protocol will help drive traditional gamers from our 3 million strong user pool to the Agareum platform, which will hold an LDN Gamedrop challenge in the near future. In return, Agareum will be aiding us in increasing crypto-friendly international users to the Ludena Protocol DApp pool. We are so excited to be working together to bring blockchain gaming to the forefront of the global gaming community.

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A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers

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Ludena Protocol

Ludena Protocol

A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers.

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