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Ludena Protocol x BlockVC: Partnership Announcement

The team at Ludena Protocol is happy to announce its strategic partnership with BlockVC, a renowned blockchain incubation and investment firm. Along with our partnership announcement, we have the pleasure to welcome, BlockVC’s founder, Kevin Hsu, as an advisor to the Ludena Protocol project.

Based out of Beijing, China, BlockVC’s vision is to bring blockchain technology into mainstream focus. BlockVC made a mark early on in the blockchain industry, working with some of the top projects seen to date. Kevin is confident that blockchain gaming, in addition to the Ludena Protocol project, is one of the most important keys to paving the road for his mainstream vision to come true. We are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial for both parties in achieving blockchain worldwide mass adoption.

BlockVC will be supporting Ludena Protocol’s expansion into various Chinese markets by providing valuable business strategy design input and sourcing strong alliances to increase the platform’s success rate within this new audience.

Kevin will be working closely with the team here at Ludena, in an advisory position, regarding future LDN listings on Chinese exchanges, as well as applying his industry expertise to project management decisions, such as: Marketing materials, financing, investment and additional strategic partnerships.

With China at the forefront of gaming trends and consumption, we look forward to working closely with BlockVC and Kevin Hsu in making Ludena Protocol achieve the same domestic success it has realized in the Korean market.

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