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Ludena Protocol x The Sandbox: Partnership Announcement

To all our Ludena Protocol supporters, it is our pleasure to announce our strategic partnership with one of the blockchain gaming industry’s leading projects, The Sandbox.

Our CEO, Joshua Kim, met with The Sandbox Co-Founder, Sebastien Borget, on February 11th, to discuss and finalize our mutual plans to help grow mass adoption in the blockchain gaming space. We plan to leverage eachother’s extensive networks to drive quality game creators to The Sandbox game and expand the Ludena Protocol and GameTalkTalk platform to a global audience.

Ludena Protocol’s first DApp, GameTalkTalk, has an established user base of 3 million, which is primarily made up of heavy Roblox and Minecraft gamers. We are confident that our users will be the perfect fit for this blockchain-based sandbox game and that our partnership will boost The Sandbox adoption in Korea. In turn, Ludena Protocol, which has, until now, focused exclusively on the Korean market, will leverage The Sandbox’s international presence and extensive network to expand our platform to gamers of a global audience. By offering exclusive benefits for The Sandbox game to our GameTalkTalk user base, we aim to boost our platform’s global adoption.

At present, GameTalkTalk is the ideal social platform for gamers and game creators alike to enjoy exclusive gaming rewards (Get paid to play!) and share their passion for gaming amongst fellow users. That being said, we were very thankful to be introduced to some of The Sandbox’s Korean game creator community during The Sandbox’s event held at the Hashed lounge yesterday evening here in Seoul. Our CEO, Joshua Kim, had the opportunity to share a brief overview of Ludena Protocol’s amazing gamer benefits and its exciting platform expansion plans, while The Sandbox Co-Founder, Sebastien Borget, gave attendees an in-depth, first look at some of the impressive development updates of The Sandbox game.

The Sandbox is a new decentralized, community driven platform, where creators can make voxel assets and gaming experiences and monetize them on the blockchain. It features 3 main components: a 3D Voxel Editor (NFT builder), a Marketplace and the Game Maker.

We are confident that this partnership is a huge leap towards seeing the blockchain gaming space gain global mass adoption and look forward to working with The Sandbox and our community on making this happen!

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