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Ludena Protocol Staking officially opens, STAKE your LDNs now!

Every single LDN token represents a little piece of the Ludena world.

Ludena staking has finally opened to ensure anyone who takes part in and supports Ludena Protocol’s ecosystem is rewarded. LDN Tokens can be earned by various game-related activities such as playing P2E games, daily quests, live streaming, as well as staking. With the rapidly expanding Ludena’s ecosystem, there will be new ways to earn LDN both through game-play and contributions to the community. Ludena’s Tokenomics is carefully designed to reward everyone in our community including gamers, developers, publishers, and investors.


Staking is one of many ways for Ludena Protocol to show appreciation to the community members for having the same long-term goal and locking up their precious assets. Through the Ludena staking platform, users can earn LDN tokens by staking their LDN, LP tokens, and NFTs!

Click here for Staking LDN and the method to do it!



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