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Meet You at The Sandbox! — Ludena LAND Announced

Hi everyone! This month we’ve been cooking up plenty of gaming news, which we can’t wait to share with you. One announcement was finally released last week and that is… *drum roll please* Ludena Protocol will have a featured LAND in The Sandbox game’s voxel universe!

The Sandbox is a massive game that allow players to create their own worlds and characters from scratch, with its voxel editor. Creators can monetize their voxel assets and gaming experiences through blockchain technology. The Sandbox is best known for its two smash mobile hits The Sandbox (2011) and The Sandbox Evolution (2016), which combined generated 40 million downloads across iOS and Android.

On November 6th, 2020, The Sandbox team officially announced Ludena Protocol, along with 9 other as a LAND partner for their 4th LAND presale. This means that we will have our very own LAND plot in The Sandbox metaverse! Look us up on the Sandbox map at location -138, -84: Here.

Next year, we have the opportunity to make a fun, voxel-based Ludena world! We look forward to hearing for you guys in the community as well, as to how to design and build the Ludena LAND.

About one third of our GameTalkTalk userbase is made up of Minecraft enthusiasts. Minecraft is a game very similar to the game metaverse imagine by the team over at The Sandbox. We’ve proven that particularly Minecraft users love our service, not with numbers alone, but through user retention and engagement rates. With that in mind, we think this is a great opportunity to expose a major international audience to our rewards-based gaming social media platform and we think that our accrued user base will greatly enjoy playing in The Sandbox voxel universe.

We could not have asked for better timing, as we are planning on expanding our GameTalkTalk service to a North American audience in Q3 of 2021, which coincides with the projected launch of Ludena LAND.

We hope you guys look forward to the launch of GameTalkTalk’s English version and The Sandbox Game’s voxel metaverse, both coming soon!




A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers

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Ludena Protocol

Ludena Protocol

A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers.

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