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Netherlords partners with Ludena Protocol to expand its presence to millions of gamers in Korea and APAC

With great excitement, Ludena Protocol announces its most recent strategic partnership with Netherlords. The WEB3 MMORPG Netherlords will be added to Ludena Protocol’s Social Gamefi platform Gametalktalk DApp, which has 3.5 million downloads and players mostly from South Korea and the Asia Pacific.

Millions of users of the GameTalkTalk Dapp platform and Ludena Guild will now have the opportunity to play Netherlords and win prizes through joint events scheduled to take place somewhere in September-October thanks to this collaboration.

Web3 gaming will expand and flourish as it transitions to a long-term sustainable model thanks to the cooperation and the combined knowledge of the both teams.

What is Ludena Protocol?

With 3 million active members, Ludena Protocol is the most well-known blockchain gaming social network worldwide. The gaming social network Ludena Protocol, which debuted Gametalktalk as their first DApp, links players and games and adds value to gamers’ everyday activities including gameplay, game content creation, and live broadcasting. A blockchain-game ecosystem called GameTalkTalk uses gamification to provide LDN tokens as prizes. Gamers may “Pin” a game of interest on the Gametalktalk platform to access an area where they can connect with other players across the world.

For the first time in Korea, Ludena Protocol has launched a game guild that enables students to publish game material, do live streams, and receive incentives for playing. They have partnerships with Polygon Studios, Enjin, and other well-known games like League of Kingdoms, The Sandbox, and 40 other blockchain games all across the world. They collaborate with more than 200 gaming firms alone in Korea. Due to their decentralized nature, blockchain games that are prohibited on Steam and the Google Playstore can instead reach millions of people on GameTalkTalk.

The collaboration with Netherlords, according to Joshua Kim, CEO of Ludena Protocol, “is the official indication of Triple-A blockchain game title, which will serve as the cornerstone of all blockchain games worldwide.” By exploiting the synergy that the two organizations have, this partnership is anticipated to serve as an excellent starting point for the ongoing and practical growth of the P2E gaming ecosystem.

“We observe a large number of games and projects on our GameTalkTalk app. We were particularly intrigued by Netherlod’s notion because of the team’s background in making games with a functional economy and intriguing story. We’re excited to collaborate with Netherlords and support their expansion into the Korean and APAC markets!”

“Our collaboration with Ludena Protocol enables us to advance in our efforts to explore SEA markets and engage with the wide and high-quality audience. For Netherlords and any other prospective launches, we’re eager to collaborate with Ludena in order to take a long-term strategy approach to strengthening the Web3 community.” — stated Roman Wyhowski CEO of Evalk International — the Irish company behind the Netherlords MMO

Netherlords x Ludena Protocol:

“benefits” from this partnership include:

About Netherlords:

Netherlords is a blockchain game created by a team of seasoned and experienced video game industry professionals. It is the innovative mix of blockchain gaming and classic MMORPG⚔️that allows to create a real digital economy, where everyone can benefit from Digital Property in the short and long term. Both investors, Guilds, and players can find a place in the Metaverse for themselves.

Netherlords is a virtual realm in which gamers may construct, control, and monetize their own gaming experiences on the blockchain.

It is our goal to develop a truly immersive metaverse in which users may collaborate to construct virtual worlds and assets without any central control.

The Netherlords is, set to launch in December 2022, with many more to come along the way

For more information about Netherlords click the link below

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