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Punch Games x Ludena Protocol Announce Groundbreaking New Partnership!

Ludena Protocol and Punch Games are proud to announce a new partnership! Through this partnership, Ludena and Punch Games hope to provide more flexibility regarding profit sharing and ownership for players and developers through Punch Games’ new platform.

Punch Games — A Battle- to- Earn Esports Platform for Everyone

Punch Games is a web 3.0 skill-based tournament platform. Through this platform, both players and game developers benefit through multiple-use methods such as battle-to-earn and create-to-earn.

Punch Games realized that there were significant problems within the traditional game industry. For example, large developers’ monopolization of the industry further limits revenue for indie game developers. Additionally, gamers who play games that reward them in cash face limitations for cash-out and game availability for many locations. Punch Games has created a platform to resolve all these issues. Punch Games is a mobile, Play-to-Earn gaming platform that utilizes esports as its primary gaming method. Their platform includes solutions to the problems of the traditional gaming industry by providing a paradigm shift of relationships between game developers and game players. They also allow cash out to be done via fiat to crypto and ensure customer loyalty through a staking program.

“We are excited about this partnership and hope that through this partnership, Ludena and Punch Games can continuously work towards breaking barriers and solving the issues of the traditional gaming industry through blockchain technology. Punch Games is helping break many barriers for gamers, and we are excited about the new ways of gameplay and game development that they are offering!” — Kenneth Lee, Ludena Protocol’s COO.

Ludena Protocol- South Korea’s biggest Social Gaming Platform

Ludena Protocol’s social gaming platform Game TalkTalk has more than 3 million active users and is continuously growing. This platform supports and promotes Play-to-Earn games and is in the process of creating the first Play-to-Earn ecosystem through their DApp GameTalkTalk. Ludena Protocol is currently developing two self-published P2E games into their P2E ecosystem. Learn more about the Ludena Protocol and connect with their communities here:





Additionally, you can learn more about Punch Games here:

Punch Games:



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