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September 2020 Update: App Makeover & Make Way for the NFTs!

With Fall upon us, we decided to (pumpkin) spice things up 😅 at Ludena HQ! With the addition of two new team members, we’ve decided to freshen up the look of our premiere app, GameTalkTalk, and even give our first P2P game, Super Ping Pong Challenge, an updated feel as well.

GameTalkTalk’s new UI/UX design is cleaner and more user-friendly, with added home tab customization to reflect our users’ most favourite games. In the past, specific game tabs would display based on their overall popularity, reflected by GameTalkTalk’s user analytics, but now individuals will be able to pick and choose personal game-specific quick tabs as their tastes evolve.

What’s even better is that our platform has expanded to offering groups and analytics on PC games and Nintendo games too! Meet friends to play Animal Crossing with from around the world or find out helpful strategies for your favourite PC titles.

This new design will serve as the blueprint for our upcoming GameTalkTalk English language DApp, which has a new release date of Q4, 2020. Look out for more announcements on our DApp launch, coming soon! For now, GameTalkTalk’s new version is available for download in the Google Play store.

P2P Games + NFTs

In order to accommodate our incorporation of NFTs into the Ludena universe, our game development team has decided to make our P2P game characters more customizable, although we will miss our cute and furry ping pong players (R.I.P. Ludrago💔). We will offer characters where users pick a base colour and then, with infinite customization, the rest is up to you! We can’t wait to see all the different avatars you guys come up with!

Team Expansion

Our team is thrilled to announce the two new members of our game development team, Kyudong and Sean! Both have rich experience, starting as early as 2004 in the design and development of MMORPG titles and trend-setting hyper casual mobile games. They met in 2013 at Korean game giant, Net Marble, where they worked on the first two Korean FPS and directed several of the agency’s titles to reach global success. Kyudong, Ludena’s new game direction team leader, is to thank for our P2P game’s revamped look.

Having worked on over 40 hyper casual games himself, he has a keen sense for game trends and digital item integration. Our new game producer, Sean, has taken the helm of our GameTalkTalk YouTube channel and will also direct our upcoming GameTalkTalk channel on

Initial Listing

Although we do have agreements in place for our initial listing, we ask for your patience just a little bit longer. There has been a small delay in terms of the LDN listing, which is completely out of our control. We sincerely hope that there will be no more delays that contribute to LDN’s public availability and that we can have a smooth listing sometime in the final quarter of this year.

2020 has been a wild ride so far and we thank you always for your continued support and patience.



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