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The LDN Bounty Campaign is LIVE🌟

If you participated in the Ludena Protocol Community Airdrop, here are three big reasons that today is your lucky day!

  1. Our NEW Bounty Campaign is now live📺 The reward pool is made up of 24 ETH and we have the following bounty pool allocation:
    Twitter Tasks → 34%
    Video Campaign → 24%
    Telegram Ambassador → 10%
    BitcoinTalk Signature Task → 32%
    To find out more details, please continue reading below.
  2. Because our 1st event was such a great success… we want to thank you guys with a SECOND AIRDROP EVENT!

If you’re feeling lucky and will join these exciting LDN events!

This bounty is the first of its kind over at Ludena and we’re glad to offer our supporters this amazing opportunity.

Bounty Campaign Details

Our bounty total of 24 ETH are to be divided according to the stakes, as outlined above, amongst selected and qualified participants and will run from May 25th, 2020 to August 2nd, 2020.

Twitter Campaign

1. Have more than 2501 followers: 1 stake/week
2. Have more than 4501 followers: 3 stakes/week
3. Have more than 10000 followers: 5 stakes/week
Top 100 participants with the highest stakes will be chosen at the end of the campaign.

1. Every participant must follow the Ludena’s Twitter Page.
2. Twitter account must be original (90% in Twitter audit).
If you have less than 90% real followers you will be kicked out of the campaign. Cleaning your Twitter account is useless.
3. Twitter account must have a minimum of 2501 followers.
4. Participants have to retweet 5 tweets per week (maximum 1 retweet/day).
5. Time gap between 2 retweets/tweets needs to be 10 hours minimum.
6. Participants must use #Ludena #LudenaProtocol #Blockchain #Crypto #LDN hashtags in every retweet or tweet.

To join, please fill out the registration form here:

Telegram Campaign

20 stakes/week
Top 25 participants with the highest stakes will be chosen at the end of the campaign.

1. Update your Telegram name to “Your Name | LUDENAPROTOCOL.IO Ambassador’’. Only one project is allowed in your Telegram name.
2. Replace your profile picture with LUDENA LOGO
3. Write at least 5 constructive messages in other crypto-related telegram groups.
Posts/messages must be constructive, useful and in a way which will not be considered as spamming.
4. Deleted messages and Posting on spam groups, stakes will not be counted.
5. Report your telegram message links weekly. Please obey the report dates and format.
6. You must stay in the telegram group until the end of the campaign to receive your stakes.
7. You must wear Ludena avatar and/or text until the end of the campaign to receive your stakes.

To join, please fill out the registration form here:

Video Campaign

High quality: 100 stakes (above 5000 views with high quality content)
Good quality: 25 stakes (above 2,000 views with good quality content )
Average quality: 5 stakes (above 500 views with average quality content)
Top 25 videos will be chosen at the end of the video campaign.

1. Videos need to be a minimum of 3 minutes in length and have at least 500 Subscribers.
2. Each participant can send 1 video only and it has to be a face cam video.
3. Participant’s forum account should be at least 3 months old prior to participating in the video campaign.
4. Content must focus on a relevant topic: project features, latest project token updates, blockchain, etc.
5. Only original content will be accepted. Copy from the project website, YouTube channels or from others’ work will be rejected.
6. Videos should never be removed.
7. Removal/deletion will result in disqualification.
8. All videos need to have a link to the Proof of Authentication, project website,
Medium page, Twitter page, Telegram group, Facebook page, YouTube channel or any other social media.
9. Please provide enough details of the producer (bounty hunter) at the end of the video to ensure authenticity can be verified.
10. By joining this program, all participants accept that the project team can use all of these videos as marketing materials.

To join, please fill out the registration form here:

Signature Campaign

Full Member: 1 stakes/week
Sr.Member: 3 stakes/week
Hero/Legendary: 5 stakes/week
Only the first 33 valid entries will be chosen for the signature campaign.

1. Newbies, Junior Members and Members are not allowed to join.
2. Use signature to the end of the campaign.
3. Posts with less than 75 characters will not be counted as valid posts.
4. Make 10+ posts per week.
5. Absolutely no spam of any kind.
6. Bounty reports are not counted.

To join, please fill out the registration form here:

The full details of our bounty can be found here.

Second Airdrop Event Info

Here’s your chance to snatch up even more LDN! Our first airdrop event went so well and we are so thankful to everyone who participated and continues to support our project. The second airdrop is another whopping $10K worth of LDN tokens!!

By completing simple tasks such as joining our Telegram chatroom and referring friends, you can fill your bags with all that sweet, free LDN!

Message our Airdrop Telegram bot here to get started.

About LDN

LDN is an Ethereum based token that can be used for a variety of soon-to-be-released DApps on the Ludena Protocol. Our first DApp, GameTalkTalk, will be available on the Google Play store in Q3 of this year.

GameTalkTalk is a platform where users can earn rewards for playing their favourite games. We currently offer our users rewards as digital assets or “stars,” but will soon change these assets to the LDN token.

Users can earn LDN in the DApp through:
1) Gaming-related content creation or engagement on fellow users’ posts.
2) Participating in third party events, such as downloading a new game or completing certain in-game quests in popular games.
3) Playing one of the games on our gaming platform.

Users can use their LDN in the DApp by:
1) Converting their LDN for tangible rewards like Starbucks coffee or Burger King or digital items like Google Play store gift cards or special in-game items.
2) Purchasing boosts or items for the games they play in platform or buy avatar deco items.
3) Purchase digital items on our fee-less item exchange, which is set to be released later this year.

With Ludena Protocol it really is that easy to get paid to play video games!

We hope to see you join these great events and want to thank you for your continued support!

To find out more information about us visit our website:
Ludena Protocol, please visit:

Follow us on our socials to keep up to date:



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