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The LDN Token Economics

The time has finally come everyone!!

We are so excited to share a wonderful announcement with you! Yes, our first listing is around the corner and to get you ready for the LDN token, we want to share a concise look into the Ludena Protocol token economy.

To start, here are the quick facts:

Type: Utility — ERC20
Total Supply: 1.2 Billion LDN
Initial Circulating Supply:
26 Million LDN
Decimals: 18
Symbol: LDN

In a nutshell:
Game publishers (advertisers), pay for marketing packages on Ludena Protocol with LDN. Ludena Protocol users that participate in platform activities, such as game marketing campaigns, receive LDN as participation rewards. Users are incentivized to spend their LDN in-DApp on a variety of items, such as rare game items, platform NFTs and digital gift cards.

Platform Participants


Users receive LDN from participating in events, such as quests in certain games, and for socially engaging in user generated content, such as liking posts or leaving comments. Once a sufficient amount of tokens are accumulated, users can redeem their LDN on the platform for digital or tangible items, such as Starbucks coffee or Google Play store gift cards, purchase in-game items/NFT assets from the LDN shop or use the currency to trade virtual items on our gaming trading platform.

Game Publishers (Advertisers):

In order to access our targeted, ROI-effective marketing platform, proven to drive in-game purchases and player growth, game publishers must use to LDN for future marketing packages. The publishers stipulate their campaign parameters for each game event and we provide participants from our user pool. Through our big data analytic tools, we can pinpoint publishers’ sought after gamer demographic for their new, dying or updated game titles. A portion of the LDN is taken as profit for the company and then a major amount of this profit is allocated to the ‘Reward Pool,’ which pays out to Ludena Protocol users for completing the stated tasks.

Game Developers:

Our P2P gaming platform offers, particularly smaller development companies, an ideal solution to combat the hurdles associated with the initial release of their game titles. Considering the fierce competition within the games market, it is easy for indie game developers to find their games in obscurity, unless they are lucky enough to either produce a viral hit or have enough capital for aggressive marketing. For firms that wish to avoid paying exuberant commission or marketing fees to access a large initial gaming audience, they now have the option to pay a commission fee in LDN to publish onto our platform and have instant access to millions of gaming enthusiasts.

Both our seed and private sale rounds were completed earlier this year (2020).

Building Token Demand

As we flesh out our gaming universe, Ludena’s intertwined business verticals encourages both LDN spend and demand.

Our game development team is dedicated to the production of trend-setting titles that quench gamers’ thirst for imaginative content. To delve deeper into the virtual environment and unlock the game’s hidden mechanics, users will need to use LDN to obtain powerful in-game items. Our game characters are almost infinitely customizable and to capitalize on that trait, our users will have access to luring and ultra rare digital decor NFTs. Avatar personalization is a powerful influencer for in-game spend and we hope to drive token demand across the platform with this pure profit business model.

Virtual items that are rare and require excruciating skill to obtain are a key feature of any challenging gaming experience. Due to the difficulty associated with collecting these, many of these digital treasures have unearthed themselves on the secondhand market. The digital item exchange market has grown to be a multi-billion dollar success. By offering the only fee-less (no gas fees either!) item exchange, we not only hope to seduce a slew of new users, but hope to pressurize LDN token demand, as it will be the only accepted currency. With special NFTs, not only Ludena native ones, but some pertaining to the IPs of our network of game publisher heavy hitters, we strategize that newcomers will overlook the hurdle of a single currency platform.

Given our company history, we have a credible and extensive relationship with a network of some of the world’s biggest game publishers. For over 7 years these gaming giants have successfully campaigned their titles to our user base. We will convert this profit model from fiat to LDN and we expect this model to grow alongside our international expansion to new, enticing markets.

As our token economy design encourages, game developers can push profits via the sale of in-game items and/or boosts in exchange for LDN within the games they publish on the platform. The more addicting the game, the more need for LDN to buy the items needed to conquer it.

Please look forward to the official announcement of LDN’s initial listing, coming very, very soon! And keep in mind that all distributions from past airdrops and events will be distributed within 60 days of our initial listing date.

To find out more information about us visit our website:
Ludena Protocol, please visit:

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A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers

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Ludena Protocol

Ludena Protocol

A gamified social platform for worldwide gamers.

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