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We Are Giving Away $1000 of LDN To Celebrate the Holiday Season! This Is Your Last Chance To Earn Some LDN in 2021!

Happy Holidays from Ludena Protocol! To celebrate the holiday season, we are hosting a Q&A event on our discord channel to giveaway some LDN to our community members! Whether you have been a part of our community for the past few years or if you are a new member, we wanted to thank you for being a member of the Ludena Protocol family.

This year, ten lucky winners will receive up to $100 worth of LDN, a total of $1000 worth of LDN given away. The giveaway will take place on the Ludena discord server, within the “general” channel.

Entering our holiday giveaway is simple! All community members need to do is make sure that they join our discord server and ask a question about Ludena in the “general” channel. This is a great opportunity to get some answers to those questions you had about Ludena Protocol as well as a chance to win $100 of LDN!

The event will take place from 12/17 to 12/23 and the rewards will be distributed to the winners on 12/24, just in time for Christmas and the end of the year holiday season.

As the event will not be live and take place during a week span, we hope that this gives our users a good amount of time to think about questions as well as invite their friends to also participate in our event to further expand the Ludena Protocol community!

You can join our Discord channel here:

Rules for entering this giveaway are as follows:

We look forward to answering your questions next week! Good Luck everyone!



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