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What’s All The Hype About Blockchain Gaming? A CTO’s Breakdown

There has been a lot of hearsay about gaming being the key to blockchain mass adoption. With gaming at its all-time high, we sit down with Ludena Protocol’s CTO, Matthew Kim, to find out what’s really behind all the hype and his views on being at the forefront of this new gaming-centric platform.

Q. For starters, tell us a little bit about your gaming background.

The first company I ever worked for was a game development firm in Korea called, TWIMNet, that specialized in PC games and portals. Our main client was EA, so we focused a lot on the FIFA franchise in Korea. I stayed there for about three years, with three P2P games under my belt that saw mild success in the domestic market and developed the “TWIMNET client,” which was the first Internet game relay server in Korea. I went on to develop some games in the domestic market for DDR or Dance Dance Revolution, which was a massively successful international title at time.

Throughout my career, I dabbled in all sorts of tech, particularly mobile, but glad that I’m back to my gaming roots, since I also like games myself, very much. I think people all like to play games for different reasons, but, personally, I think easy and simple games are fun since they can be a great stress reliever.

Q. What is Ludena Protocol to you?

Ludena Protocol is quite unique in the sense that it focuses on building a gaming ecosystem rather than a specific aspect of gaming. I like being part of a project that lacks confinements. We have so many options of where we can take this. Ludena Protocol, to me, is creating a place where all gamer needs are met in one place.

Q. As a gamer yourself, why do you think people should be excited about Ludena Protocol?

Until now, gaming was very simple in that, it was just playing games, but in the Ludena Protocol universe, users are getting real rewards. Everyone loves gaming in one shape or form, but I’m sure more people will get more involved if they can actually get paid to play! For the more seasoned gamers, there really is nothing like showing off your high score to a global audience, so there are some emotional rewards as well.

Q. For developers, what games or game plugins will Ludena’s game platform support?

First of all, we are focusing on P2P games and, for this platform, the game must be simple so that more users can enjoy it. We like to use HTML5 game plugins that are not needlessly intricate and can be enjoyed cross platform.

Q. Do you think Ludena Protocol is a disruption to the gaming industry or a compliment to it?

I truly think that Ludena Protocol is in its own category, so neither. The gaming industry is made up of so many different verticals traditionally and in the blockchain sector as well, but I haven’t seen really seen companies zoom out and see the opportunity in offering users a gaming one-stop-shop.

Q. What benefits will the integration of blockchain technology with your marketplace bring to both the gamers and the developers?

Due to the transparent-nature of blockchain technology, it will give developers great insight into how gamers spend their time and money in games and what they want in terms of virtual items. This can help developers make the in-game items that gamers want and make their games more fun accordingly.

Q. Will you be accepting indie game developers to make additions to the gaming platform?

Our focus is, but not exclusive to, indie developers. Having worked closely with teams such as these in the past, we know their pain points quite intimately. We know there are a lot of great game ideas out there that don’t see the light of day and we want our users to be the ones who get to enjoy these. By offering a massive discount in commission fees we hope to attract smaller development firms, not only by our price, but our passionate audience.

Q. What are you most excited to be working on right now?

Right now we are working on the first P2P, hyper casual games that will be introduced to the platform. In the past, GameTalkTalk gave rewards for in-game activities based on stipulations outlined by third party game publishers. We wanted to include a more simplistic in-game rewards method to attract a broader audience.

The playable characters of Ludena Protocol’s first P2P, hyper casual game: Super Ping Pong Challenge!

Q. In terms of ease of use, would you say Ludena Protocol is “grandma proof? What is the process for using the service?

Speaking in terms of Ludena Protocol’s first DApp, GameTalkTalk, any gamer grandmas out there would find it super simple to use. The process is as follows:

i. Download GameTalkTalk from the Google Play store (iOS version coming soon) and create an account
ii. Post gaming-related content or even just ‘like’ or comment on someone else’s post to start accumulating rewards
iii. Use the rewards in the DApp’s shop and enjoy!

We’ve built a successful business around a simplistic, easy to understand platform and the integration of blockchain technology won’t make us stray from our roots.

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