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Kenya National League (FIFA) #AECKenya2019 #AEC2019

Interactive entertainment is at the core of the digital culture in the global business of the 21st century.

The growth of the gaming market and the demand for eSports content is growing at an exponential rate showing tremendous potential with the highest Year on Year growth in the gaming industry. Following in the traditional games footsteps, the biggest revenue streams have been in Sponsorships, Media Rights and Advertising. The industry is set to be at $3Bn by the year 2022.

Africa eSports Championship (AEC) has been created with the aim of organizing World Class eSports across Africa.

Currently, Africa eSports Championship has 24+ participating countries that are running national leagues in various games. The 2 major games (titles) are FIFA 19 and Tekken 7.

Africa eSports Championship

Kenya — one of the participating countries is running the National League, Presented by Ludique Works , Powered by Whats Good Studios in Partnership with Pro Series Gaming, NRG Radio and K1 Klubhouse.

16 players were selected by AEC to compete over 8 days at offline live events (K1 Klubhouse), playing FIFA 19. There were 7 matches per day to get through the 28 matches necessary for the league. Each player played every other player and their total scores was used determine the league tournament winner.

FIFA tournament in play

AEC Kenya also run a wild-card event (for members of the public) that saw the winner join the league winners and will represent the country in the Grand Finales that will be held here in Nairobi, Kenya on August 27th to 31st. (More details on the Grand Finales will be released soon.)

On 11th May, we celebrated the local FIFA winners who will represent the country after an intense battle. Watch out for the episodes to find out who the local winners are!

The Championship is also nurturing other ancillary skills such as casting. These skills keep the spectator crowd engaged with the game and who have adept knowledge in the talent & skills of the game.

L-R: Allan Lubullelah& John Ribia
AEC Fans

The Players also had an opportunity to test their skills “acting” as casters and getting to experience what it looks from the other side and appreciating the effort it takes.

Jack Handley once said: “Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you’ll be a mile from them, and you’ll have their shoes”

Gift 254 & Flossing Mauwano

Follow Africa eSports Championship (Twitter) & Africa eSports Championship (FB) and AEC Kenya(twitter) & AEC Kenya (FB) for live updates.

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