Ambitious Africa — The Future of Gaming and Media Consumption

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2 min readMay 15, 2020

Triple-E: Education, Entrepreneurship, Entertainment

Ambitious Africa was born out of the realization that the Nordic core strengths of Education, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment could be harnessed for increasing global well-being and happiness. Ambitious Africa is all about young people. Young people leading the change. Young people working together for a better future. With the support of the African governments and the Nordics. Ambitious Africa is about the best Education. For all, not just a few. Ambitious Africa is delivering through Entrepreneurship. Ambitious Africa is about the best Entertainment.

Ambitious Africa is a project initiated by Peter Vesterbacka former Mighty Eagle at Angry Birds.

The Future of Games and Media Consumption

We co-organized and hosted the panel session on “The Future of Gaming and Media Consumption” given this period of the “New Normal.” We had an amazing panel that comprised of students and experts in the same.

The panelists were: Njoki Chege, Bianca Behm, Andew Kaggia, Dennis Mbuthia and Michael Muthiga.

Ambitious Africa (Kenya)

3 takeaways were: Excellence, Global, Analytics are key to make it in this industry!

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LudiqueWorks invests in nascent video game development studios on the continent through training and funding, as well as building a growing video gaming community through the Africa Game Developers network.

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