Nairobi Game Developers DEMO day

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Apr 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Demo days are a great opportunity / way to showcase what one is working on to potential collaborators, clients and fellow community members to receive feedback on areas you can improve on and provide better insights.

The Nairobi game developers community (a chapter of the Africa Game Developers) is a monthly meetup that meets every second Saturday of the month to Connect, Network and learn from each other. We hold talks, workshops and now demo days to catalyze the communities growth consisting of 50+ members. The meetup is convened by Fuse Catalysts in collaboration with NexGen.

We switched our monthly meetup and held a demo day where 2 members of the community shared the game’s they’re currently building, the journey itself as well as provided a walk-through of the game and what players will find exciting about it.

We were hosted by The Twig an amazing co-working space located on upper Westlands along Waiyaki way. We were welcomed by Maureen Gitau the community manager who shared more about the space and what they offer.

L-R: Maureen Gitau & Lounge space @ The Twig.

Broken Helmet a local video game development studio was first up to present and share it’s current gaming project titled: The Orchard The game is for PC at the moment but other versions will be released later. Broken Helmet is founded and run by indie game developer David Kamunyu.

David Kamunyu, Indie developer @ Broken Helmet

Game Screenshots below:

The Orchard

Second up the Scrin Arts Studio team shared their recent project Recce Squad (pronounced ‘reh~keh’) from their growing game portfolios that they are experimenting with.They’re a growing team and love to experiment with different genres and styles so as to find their market niche.

Scrin Arts Team
Recce Squad

We were humbled to have Charles Mativo from the Safaricom Innovation team at the demo day to connect with the community as well as sharing how they hope to support the community for example through access to Mpesa API and supporting local game jams to enable catalyzing the growth of the community.

Thanks to The Twig for hosting our meetup and to Liquid Telecom for their continued support in growing the community locally and across the continent.

DEMO Day Meetup

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All about video games, video games review, news and gaming in Africa.

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All about video games, video games review, news and gaming in Africa.

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