Ludos First Dubai Meetup Successfully Gathers Business Leaders for Exploration of Blockchain Gaming

The superstar project Ludos has successfully hosted the first Investor Meet-Up in the Middle East, Dubai, attracting many top business leaders of country, popular investors and media corp actors with high net worth. During the meet-up, the audience showed a keen interest in the potential of blockchain and gaming. Supporters were actively in discussion of the future application of Ludos with our team founders. For those who missed the meet-up there’s no need to worry as the event was recorded and is available on the official Ludos Periscope!

The event was even live-streamed, with one major Chinese live streaming platform, YiZhi Bo, hitting 116,000 viewers, becoming one of the recommended streams of the day. Fans from the Telegram community were also highly supportive, many of whom requested Ludos to host meetups in their country by commenting in the stream chat. Already the next stop of the Ludos Meet-Up is undergoing. With the next location to be announced soon.

Fuad Farooq Abdul Qader Bastaki, CEO of Zabeel Group, an investment group established in the United Arab Emirates, has expressed optimism about Ludos Protocol’s progress. He believes that the cross-chain interaction function in the Ludos will lead the development of the ‘game + blockchain integration’ because such technology can truly make the virtual world and the real world perfect, combine and realize the free conversion of property, so that the game player’s game assets are guaranteed in value and rarity.

Other than the interested business leaders of Dubai that showed support, popular Dubai brand ambassador, Ali of Du, Blackberry ambassador, actor and racer was present in the meet up. Ali indicated that he is a gamer for many years and he looks forward to the future development of Ludos as he believes it has the potential to revolutionize the game industry into an fundamentally new experience for gamers.

Meet Up Photos

Ludos founding team taking photos with Dubai business leaders

After the meetup, Ludos was invited by Mr. Fuad Farooq Qader Bastaki — CEO Zabeel Group, Mr.Khaled Alblooshi — CEO of Vista Touch, CEO of Stratum & one of the 500 most powerful Arabians — Mr.Saeed Al Fahim, and businessman & investor Mr. Suhail Al Ameri for chats and wish to seek collaboration in future. Ludos co-founder Tai Jin has now received invitations from a number of Dubai business leaders. In the next few days, Tai Jin will visit these entrepreneurs and investors that have expressed interest to discuss cooperation opportunities.

About Ludos Protocol

Ludos Protocol is a purpose-built blockchain infrastructure project for the gaming community. As only the third blockchain project to be backed by Japanese investment giant Softbank, Ludos addresses numerous shortcomings in the existing gaming landscape. Its main chain + multi-sidechain architecture allows games to run entirely on their own blockchain, preventing scalability issues that have plagued previous blockchain-based games. Additionally, the Protocol seeks to create a gamer-friendly ecosystem whereby game developers and gamers can come together to easily crowdfund and build on the platform. The use of non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) within the ecosystem will allow gamers to swap assets in one game for assets in another. Finally, through their partnership with FullPay Japan, Ludos will give gamers the chance to use LUD tokens that are earned in-game to shop and buy at a range of retail stores in Japan and later the world.

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