The Ludos Global Partner Programme Has Officially Launched!

Tokens as reward, Actions with mining, Verification Pass for trust

In order to accelerate the broader and deeper implementation and advancement of the Ludos project worldwide, Ludos Protocol has launched the Global Partner Program. This program aims to seek partners for common development, shared benefits and common growth on a global scale.


1. Familiar with the Ludos project, recognize Ludos’ vision and market value

2. Partners must have resources such as venues, media and/or community groups in his/her Country/City

3. The Partner must hold at least 50,000 LUD tokens.

Support and Cooperation Provided by Ludos:

1. Ludos can provide news and information about the progress of the project.

2. the design of the active promotional material, such as pictures, copywriting, etc.

3. If necessary, Ludos’ management can participate and cooperate with online or offline activities.

4. Partners can apply for Ludos merchandise according to the needs of the activities.

Partner responsibilities and corresponding rewards:

1. Basic responsibilities (mandatory):

  • Maintaining the ecological image of Ludos and promoting the roots and business development of Ludos in the partner’s city/country
  • Collect feedback from users, promote Ludos application with optimization and iteration method
  • Online community creation, create/build at least one Ludos community in Wechat, Telegram, Line or Kakao Talk. Maintenance reward according to the amount of user data. Rewards would be around 500- 30,000 LUD.
  • Conduct a Ludos-themed offline event at least once a month in the partner’s city (reward refers to Article 4 below)

2. Investment collaboration:

  • You will obtain 3%-10% prize increase, in ETH/LUD, with the following categories:
  • Personal investors - 3%
  • Reputable institutional investors - 5%
  • Reputable institutional investors combined with strategic partnership - 10%

3. Media Promotion:

  • Partners from Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Weibo, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, and other mainstream social platforms, and personal columns of some well-known media in the cryptocurrency circle, according to the degree of contribution, can get rewards 1,000 -20,000 LUD
  • Partners in the financial, high-tech and blockchain circles, as well as local offline media resources can be compensated, after Ludos acknowledges and approves, according to the degree of contribution, you can get rewards of 1,000–30,000 LUD

4. Offline activities (No less than 30 people):

  • Financial Type: The partner will receive a subsidy for the venue fee, and depending on Ludos’s official participation, the partner will receive 3- 10% of the total financing amount, which will be paid by ETH/LUD
  • Promotion Type: The site fee can be subsidized, and the reward is set as 1,000–20,000 LUD, according to the official participation degree of Ludos

5. Assist the game ecological creation:

  • Game Developers: Expanded game developer resources for Ludos and successfully introduced collaboration. According to the official participation rate of Ludos and the cooperation process of game developers, 1,000–50,0000 LUD can be given out.
  • Game companies: To connect Ludos with the game enterprise resources owned by local partners, after successful cooperation, you may obtain 5,000–1,000,000 LUD according to the official participation by Ludos and the cooperation between game developers
  • Other game resources: Give contributions to Ludos in other game resources, such as (but not limited to): share Ludos information in gaming salons/cyber cafes, present Ludos in game forums or media, etc, and receive 300–10,000 LUD based on the contribution rate.


1. The above rewards will be settled on the 5th of each month and will be issued on the 10th.

2. The above rewards may be adjusted after trading on Ludos

Admission and elimination:

  • After the content of “regulation 1” is satisfied, “Ludos** partner qualification certificate” will be obtained upon admission.
  • Partners will be disqualified if they fail to comply with Ludos whitepaper or local laws, rules and regulations, or fail to meet the basic responsibilities as a “partner”

“Partner” application method:

  1. Add our Ludos admin on Wechat: ludosadm
    Submit your personal resume with relevant resources.
  2. Submit your personal resume and relevant resources to Ludos official Email: