Getting Started Resources for Cryptocurrency

For people who are just starting to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain I wanted to compile a list of resources I found to be very helpful in learning about it. Here’s a short list! This is just a beginning, but there is lot’s more to read about.


Bitcoin Whitepaper
The original bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi.


Banking on Bitcoin
Netflix Bitcoin Documentary. Gives insight to the people behind bitcoin. Highly recommended.


Book: Digital Gold
Goes into the people behind the short history of bitcoin. Nice read, much more detail since it is a book rather than a blog.


“The Quiet Master of Cryptocurrency”
Tim Ferriss podcast with Naval Ravikan and Nick Szabo. A great place to start.

Unchained Podcast with Naval


New York Times: (2014) (2018)


Naval Ravikant — AngelList, Coinlist

Nick Szabo — Bitgold

Vitalik Buterin — Founder of Ethereum