GEAR: Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide Hits All the Angles

John Scott Lewinski
Jun 16 · 4 min read

You did this to yourself. There’s no one to blame, and only us to thank for saving your sorry backside. You let Father’s Day sneak up on you, and you need the best zero hour gift ideas available to make amends.

Whether you get your hands on something in time for the big day or you can buy a little time for a belated present for the most important man in your life, this list provides some prime ideas for not only last minute ideas, but quality gift options. Each and every item here was tested and approved as fully worthy of this Father’s Day hype.

Mixcder E7 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones: Blending quality sound with affordability, the Mixcder E7 is a prime option for audiophiles looking to get out from under the three-figure price-tags of most over-ear, noise cancelling headphones.

Mophie powerstation XXL: A longtime standard bearer in the ongoing battle to keep our devices powered while we’re on the move, Mophie is synonymous with backup batteries and charging cases. The XXL ranks amongst Mophie’s most powerful options and can juice everything from phones to laptops.

Zagg InvisibleShield glass+ 360: Whether your pop uses an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy or Google’s offerings, Zagg’s InvisibleShield line adds extra toughness to every smart device’s glass facing. While Dad shouldn’t drop his hammer on an InvisibleShield screen, Zagg’s additions protect the glass underneath them from accidental damage.

Wilson 1914 Leather Weekender Bag: Yes, your Dad doesn’t need an athletic bag made of the finest leather — but this isn’t a question of need. This is a matter of style. The 1914 from Wilson can carry gear to any gym or event, but it looks good enough to head to the office or the airport.

Lockly Secure Pro: Fathers often obsess over keeping their families and their possessions safe. Technology such as the Lockly Secure Pro makes that protection easier. Complete with its own wifi hub and a free smartphone app, the Lockly lets Dad set safe, unique access codes for family members and only those others he approves for access.

Everence for Tattoos: For the more cutting edge father who takes on a tattoo or two, this kit from Everence allows Dad to etch the very DNA of his most prized loves ones — like you — into his very flesh via his personal ink. The Everence technology can be applied to a new or pre-existing tattoo safely.

Romp Skis: Father’s Day is a summer holiday, but winter sports are only a few months away. Combining solid materials, human construction and a multitude of styles, the skis from Romp offer affordable options in case your pops is taking up skiing anew.

Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves: Combining high-end materials and manufacturing with effective functionality, these Mujjo’s will become an essential part of your father’s winter wardrobe once winter rolls around again. They’d be a valued fashion accessory in any weather, and the fact their structure allows full cellphone function is a key bonus.

Lume Cube Creative Lighting Kit: Specially designed for use with Apple devices, this Lume Cube set helps to turn any iPhone into a professional photography tool. Complete with the powerful Cube, light gels and other implements, the Creative Kit allows your would-be paternal Ansel Adams to take the best possible photos.

Gunnar HAUS Computer Eyewear: If your Dad works in any field involving computers — and it’s becoming more difficult every year to find a profession that doesn’t — the Gunnar HAUS line provides special, dedicated protection from eye strain and vision damage. The fact that the line offers quality construction and modern styling is a definite plus.


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An online lifestyle magazine covering gear, travel, cars, golf, booze, fashion, sports, tech and news of the day.

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