Luganodes and Ankr Partner to Strengthen AppChain Infrastructure

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Luganodes and Ankr have joined forces to provide reliable blockchain infrastructure for the development of application-specific blockchains (AppChains), a scalability solution that is quickly gaining momentum. With this partnership, the two trusted blockchain infrastructure providers will offer expansive resources for running reliable and secure validator nodes on AppChain ecosystems like Polygon Supernets and BNB Side Chains.

“Partnership with Luganodes will greatly expand the available node resources for those building on Supernets and BNB Sidechains with Ankr’s AppChain service. Collaboration in this way is crucial in boosting the decentralization and performance of dedicated blockchain ecosystems simultaneously.”

– Josh Neuroth, Ankr’s Head of Product

Together, Luganodes and Ankr will ensure the seamless operation of the aforementioned app chains, bringing the benefits of high-performance and scalable decentralized infrastructure to the users of these app chains. In addition, the collaboration will see Luganodes and Ankr running nodes with two other validators for the Polygon Supernets, and three other validators for the Binance Side Chains.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ankr and strengthen our commitment to providing dependable and efficient blockchain infrastructure. This partnership will enable us to deliver hassle-free operations ensuring exceptional performance and scalability.”

– Anuj Shankar, CEO of Luganodes.

About Ankr

Ankr is a Web3 infrastructure provider powering the foundational layer for Web3, DeFi, and the digital economy across dozens of blockchains. They provide multi-chain dApp development tools, crypto staking solutions, and a globally distributed node infrastructure that makes it all possible. The Ankr Network, RPC, and API tools create publicly available and incredibly scalable solutions to help developers and users keep up with an industry undergoing exponential growth.

About Luganodes

As an industry leader in staking, Luganodes is committed to providing world-class blockchain infrastructure to Proof of Stake (PoS) networks. Luganodes has earned the trust and support of various PoS communities, including Polygon and TRON, and is currently the world’s fastest-growing staking provider with $700M+ worth of staked assets and live nodes on 15+ PoS networks. Luganodes values the support of Ankr and looks forward to reinforcing the blockchain infrastructure on AppChains through their combined efforts.

Luganodes is a leading provider of non-custodial asset staking. For more information, follow us on Twitter at @luganodes or on LinkedIn.




The fastest growing staking prodigy of Lugano Plan B, an initiative driven by the city of Lugano and Tether.

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