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5 min readJun 30, 2023


Welcome to Luganodes Pulse June Edition, the monthly newsletter for learning about our latest updates.

Hey Staker. Welcome to Luganodes Pulse, the monthly newsletter brought to you by Luganodes. The entire blockchain space has been thriving in June, and so are we!

Highlights of the Month

  • New live nodes on mainnet: Kava, MultiversX
  • New live nodes on testnet: Dydx
  • Achievements: standard validator on Ronin; staking provider for Coinlist
  • Luganodes research on blockchain and PoS
  • Solana node upgrades
  • Luganodes’ participation in Aptos governance proposals
  • Industry events: Crypto Expo Asia, Gateway, Proof of Talk, Web3 Gaming Week
  • Luganodes is live on Zealy

Live Nodes

  • Mainnet: Aptos, Arcana, Avalanche, Canto, Cardano, Concordium, Cosmos, Kava, Kusama, MultiversX, Near, Neutron, Noble, Polkadot, Polygon, Radix, Ronin, Solana, Stader, Sui, Tenet, Tron, Zilliqa
  • Testnet: Archway, Dydx, Dymension, Gitopia

New Live Nodes

Dydx, Kava, MultiversX

In June, Luganodes has new validator nodes live on 1 testnet and 2 mainnets.

1. Dydx: We are live on dYdX testnet as a genesis validator, supporting their mission to democratise access to financial opportunity. The public testnet is an opportunity for users, validators, and market participants to test and provide valuable feedback on the v4.

2. Kava: Our validator nodes are now live on the Kava mainnet, a Layer 1 blockchain that combines the best of Ethereum and Cosmos SDK. Their co-chain architecture allows developers to build and deploy projects with seamless interoperability.

3. MultiversX: We are live on the MultiversX mainnet, supporting its groundbreaking adaptive sharded state architecture and secure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism which allows for high scalability, efficiency, and security in blockchain networks.
Announcement Staking Guide

June Achievements

1. Standard Validator on Ronin: Luganodes has entered the top 10 validators on the Ronin network. We are committed to securing and running the network, and would love to express the heartfelt gratitude to the Ronin community. Follow the staking guide below to get started if you haven’t.
Announcement Staking Guide

2. Staking Provider for Coinlist: We have joined the esteemed lineup of trusted staking infrastructure providers on CoinList. This collaboration allows CoinList users to earn staking rewards on their assets securely with Luganodes.

Solana Node Upgrade

We have successfully upgraded our Solana mainnet nodes to version v1.14.19. This stable release is suitable for use on mainnet beta, bringing several important changes and improvements:

  • Accurate timestamping of refreshed votes
  • Smoother execution of bank_send_loop
  • Enhanced network connection reliability with QUIC Retry packets
  • Optimised logging for a cleaner experience
  • Improved processing of refreshed votes

More details

Luganodes’ Participation in Aptos Governance Proposal

Luganodes has voted YES to re-enable the new signature checker in the latest Aptos governance proposal.

It is not only more efficient but also fixes a bug in the old implementation. This bug could potentially allow the publication of programs with certain invalid types, which is a significant concern for the community.

Fortunately, the bug has been patched in the compiler, ensuring that users won’t run into any issues related to it. This enhancement brings a higher level of security and reliability to the platform, which is crucial for a seamless user experience.

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Industry Events

This month, our team has been around the globe for blockchain conferences to share our insights and connect with the brightest minds.

1. Crypto Expo Asia: Our CEO Anuj has been invited as a speaker to discuss “The Institutionalisation of Blockchain Staking” alongside other industry leaders.

2. Gateway to Cosmos 2023: the largest Cosmos community event in Europe, taking place in Prague during Prague blockchain week.

3. Web3 Gaming Week: a gaming developer space presented by Google Cloud and the pit.

4. Proof of Talk: the web3’s most exclusive content driven summit with a prestigious lineup of speakers

We’re Live on Zealy

Luganodes has officially launched on Zealy, a gamified community-building platform that rewards engagement with Web3 projects. Zealy will enable community members to be recognised for their contributions to the Luganodes collective growth and success. Through undertaking tailored and daily-updated Quests, everyone can get involved to help Luganodes expand our reach to the global audience.

Our current sprint will end on 30 June, and the next sprint will be announced very soon. Stay tuned to our Twitter for updates.

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