NEAR — How to Stake $NEAR Tokens with Luganodes

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3 min readNov 28, 2022



NEAR is a simple, scalable, and secure blockchain platform designed to provide the best possible experience for developers and users, which is necessary to bridge the gap to mainstream adoption of decentralized applications.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to delegate your NEAR tokens with Luganodes and start earning ~9% in a few simple steps.

Validator Details:

Validator ID: @luganodes.pool.near

Hash: 34dr27a9kUEEdsJi1xsjUCDnc5bKfZG1a4vqLFWX3ahZ

Blockexplorer Link:

Unbonding Period:

  • Unbonding period is a timeframe in which the funds are locked when you unstake
  • The unbonding period on NEAR, is approximately 52–65 hrs, (4 epochs).

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1 — Set up your NEAR Wallet

  • To stake NEAR you will need a NEAR Wallet and NEAR tokens available
  • For this guide, we are using

Step 2 — Select Staking

  • Click the Staking button in the top left of your wallet
  • This will take you to the Staking page within your wallet. Once here, click Stake My Tokens

Step 3 — Choose Luganodes as your validator

  • Enter Luganodes in the Validator account ID (@luganodes.pool.near) field.
  • Click Select

Step 4 — Set Stake Amount

  • Enter the amount of NEAR you want to stake in the Amount field
  • Click Submit Stake

Step 5 — Confirm the Transaction

  • Make sure you’re happy with the transaction amount
  • Click Confirm to complete the process and stake your NEAR tokens
  • This will take you to the Success page
  • Check your staked amount and form Staking window

Congratulations. You have successfully staked your $NEAR with Luganodes and are now participating in the NEAR network!

Step-by-Step Unstaking Guide:

Step 1 — Head over to your NEAR Wallet

  • Go to Staking

Step 2— Unstake your tokens from luganodes

  • Click on unstake
  • Choose the validator you want to unstake from

Step 3— Choose the amount of tokens you want to Unstake

  • If you want to unstake all your tokens, click on Use Max

Step 4— Confirm the transaction

Step 4 — Withdraw after the unbonding period (52–65 hrs, 4 epochs)

  • You’ve successfully unstaked your NEAR tokens
  • To withdraw, head back to the staking section
  • Your funds will move from Pending release to Available for withdrawal section after the unbonding period and you can withdraw your funds smoothly




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