Radix — How to Stake $XRD Tokens with Luganodes

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Radix is a layer-1 blockchain platform that aims to provide high-performance infrastructure for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications with features such as proprietary programming language, Scrypto and cross-shard composability through Cerberus consensus mechanism.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to delegate your XRD tokens with Luganodes and start earning ~11.3% in a few simple steps.

Validator Details:

Validator Name: Luganodes

Validator Address/ ID: rv1qde5vrlr3edvlfjgq36trmapgunmeru7ax92znndmwa0jywv5mtcj69d0yg

Blockchain Explorer Link for the Validator: https://explorer.radixdlt.com//#/validators/rv1qde5vrlr3edvlfjgq36trmapgunmeru7ax92znndmwa0jywv5mtcj69d0yg

Unbonding Period:

  • Unbonding period is a timeframe in which the funds are locked when you unstake
  • The unbonding period on Radix is 500 epochs, or between 1–3 weeks (depending on how quickly the network is producing “rounds”)

Step-by-Step Guide:

*We’ll be staking XRD tokens using the Radix wallet mac app

Step 1 — Set up your Radix Wallet

  • Create a new wallet if you don’t have one
  • Proceed and put in all the relevant details to set up your wallet

Step 2 — Stake with luganodes

  • Once you’ve successfully set up your Radix wallet and added funds to it, go to Staking & Unstaking tab
  • Here, under Stake Token, enter the relevant details.
  • Validator ID (For luganodes )- rv1qde5vrlr3edvlfjgq36trmapgunmeru7ax92znndmwa0jywv5mtcj69d0yg
  • Enter the amount of XRD tokens you want to stake and click on Stake

Step 3— Confirm the transaction and check your staked amount

  • Once you've entered relevant details for staking, Enter your Pin and confirm the transaction
  • Once you’ve confirmed the transaction, wait for a few minutes for it to reflect in your account (This could take 30–60 minutes)
  • You can check your staked amount under the Balance section
  • To check whether your stake is successful and more details, head to Staking & Unstaking section

Step-by-Step Unstaking Guide:

Step 1 — Head over to Radix wallet and log in with the same credentials you used in the staking process above

  • Under the Stake & Unstake tab, you can check your tokens staked and select Request Unstake

Step 2— Initiate the Unstaking process

  • Enter all the required details
  • Validator ID (For luganodes )- rv1qde5vrlr3edvlfjgq36trmapgunmeru7ax92znndmwa0jywv5mtcj69d0yg
  • Enter the amount of XRD tokens you want to unstake and click on Request Unstake
  • Enter your Pin and Confirm Transaction
  • Wait for some time to process the transaction
  • You can check Under the History tab that your Unstake Request is successful

Step 3— Withdraw after the unbonding period (500 epochs, or between 1–3 weeks)

  • Head over to Stake & Unstake Tab to check the progress of your Unstaking and your funds will be available to withdraw after the Unbonding Period




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