Zilliqa — How to Stake $Zil Tokens with Luganodes

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Zilliqa is a public blockchain built to enable and scale decentralized apps by leveraging sharding to provide high throughput and thousands of transactions per second.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to delegate your ZIL tokens with Luganodes and start earning ~11% in a few simple steps.

Validator Details:

Validator Name: Luganodes

Validator Address: zil1nzvefz7sd930kkgn6vdhtn9324z30ur3ckkayl

Zilliqa Staking Viewer Link: https://staking-viewer.zilliqa.com/

Unbonding Period:

  • Unbonding period is a timeframe in which the funds are locked when you unstake
  • The unbonding period on Zilliqa, is approximately 14 days.

Step-by-Step Guide:

*There are several ways to stake $Zil, Today we’ll be using ZilPay

Step 1 — Set up your ZilPay Wallet

  • Select where you want to set up your wallet, here we’ll be using Chrome Extension.
  • Set up your wallet and add some funds to it.

Step 2— Connect your wallet to https://stake.zilliqa.com/

  • Choose ZilPay
  • Unlock Wallet
  • A pop-up will open from your ZilPay wallet, asking your permission to connect your wallet, select Connect

Step 3— Select luganodes as your staking service provider

  • After your successfully connected your ZilPay wallet, scroll down the list of STAKED SEED NODES and select luganodes
  • Enter the amount of Zil you want to stake and select stake

Step 4— Confirm the transaction

  • After you’ve selected luganodes and entered the amount of Zil you want to stake, A pop-up will open in your ZilPay wallet asking you to confirm the transaction. Click on Confirm.
  • Your transaction has been sent and will take 2–3 minutes to get confirmation.
  • After a few minutes refresh the Zilliqa staking dashboard and under My Staking Portfolio, you’ll be able to see the amount of Zil you’ve delegated with luganodes and manage your stake.

Step-by-Step Unstaking Guide:

Step 1 — Head over to https://stake.zilliqa.com/ and connect with your ZilPay wallet as done in previous steps.

  • Check your Delegations under My Staking Portfolio

Step 2— Initiate the Unstaking process

  • Under My Staking Portfolio > Manage > Initiate Stake Withdrawl
  • Enter the amount of Zil you want to unstake and click on Initiate

Step 3— Confirm the transaction

  • You’ll see a pop-up in your Zilpay wallet, click on Confirm
  • Your transaction has been sent, wait for 2–3 minutes for the confirmation

Step 4 — Withdraw after the unbonding period (around 14 days)

  • You’ve successfully initiated the unstaking process
  • After the unbonding period, head back to https://stake.zilliqa.com/ and connect your ZilPay wallet (refer to the previous steps)
  • Check your unstaking status under Pending Stake Withdrawls > View Details
  • Once your unbonding period is over, you’ll see 100% Progress, and then Click on Complete Stake Withdrawals




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